How To Organize A Book

So That Your Book Is Easier To Write And People Automatically Want To Buy It

Go From This…

how to organize a book

Unorganized book

To This…

organizing a book

Organized book


How to organize a book” is a probably the question I get most often.

That’s why you’re about to learn a formula on how to organize a book that most people will never learn (plus get an amazing template to do it)

You can use this how to organize a book formula to organize a book / outline your book.

Learning how to organize a book and outlining your book will have TWO main benefits:

#1: This will make writing your book a LOT easier.

#2: People will PAY MORE money for your book (you’ll see why inside videos right below).

All you have to do is click the “play” button right below, learn how to organize a book, and take action on what you learn!

How To Organize A Book FORMULA VIDEO

Note: all 3 parts are included. Just click the “next part” link at the end of the video.

Also Use This “How To Organize A Book Template” Along With Video:

how to organize a book template

Just click the picture to open this template (right click “save as” to save it :)



I’m glad you watched and hope you liked it and learn exactly how to organize a book.

So… what are the two biggest things you learn?

How can you use this now and organize your book?

That way you can FINISH your book.

And get all the benefits that come from writing a book like:

  • Increased power, status, respect, control, influence.
  • Increased income.
  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want.
  • Be able to make a BIG difference in the world.

Leave your comments right below what you thought of this training about “how to organize a book”.



Here’s one of my favorite video on how to organize a book that deals with personalty types.

You’re going to love this quick POWERFUL video on how to organize a book.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best training on productivity, organization, and “inner concepts” to writing a book.

Just click the play button right below to watch it.

So which personalty type are you? learn your answer in the comments below. And how can you use this to be more productive and finish your book?



Here’s a live video how to organize a book. It’s a powerful 4 step framework you can use to organize you ideas into a real book.

It’s kind of messy and hard to read me when I’m typing. But I want you to see how I use this framework to easily organize my ideas into concepts, and the concepts into a finish book.

Just click the play button below to watch this one as well.


So… what did you think? Hit me up with what you though in the comment below. I’d really love to hear and personally read all the comments.

Did you like all these training video how to organize a book?

Let me know by leaving your comment and below. And please share it to your friends if you can I really want to help as many people as I can organize a book.

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80 Responses to “How To Organize A Book FORMULA”

  1. Melanie Harris says:

    I thought your videos were very informative. Thanks for sharing!

  2. An easy to follow guideline for my first book. And yes Alex you will receive a copy. I have enrolled for the free blueprint and am looking forward to it. Also downloaded the music.

    • Hi Chris,
      It’s good to know that you found this an easy to follow guideline for your first book.
      And we are very excited for the copy of your first book as well.
      And we are glad that you enrolled in the Book Blueprint program and I know you can learn many things in that program.
      Good luck to your endeavors as well as to your first book.
      Keep it up.

      -Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

  3. Looking forward to your materials

  4. wendy says:

    Very impressive does this work for a
    non fiction book especially with not
    necessarily an outcome?

    • Yes it does. A guy who was writing comic books actually just used this same material to help him. He figured out his readers outcome was to feel excited and thrilled.

      So you can use it to structure your book without an outcome. Or if you can find some sort of outcome it make help organize things as well.

      – Alex Albright

  5. unica_hija says:

    Amazing Alex , many thanks

  6. Chris says:

    Watched all 3 videos. Awesome stuff man. I’m writing an eBook in the dating niche and this is definitely going to help me out. Appreciate it Alex!

    • Awesome!! That an awesome niche :) leave me any comment/message here if you have any question and make sure you send me a copy of your finished book – k :)

      Talk soon,

      Alex Albright

  7. Bernard says:

    Thank you for sharing this info! This system gives me confidence to start and finish a book.

  8. Thomas says:

    This video is very much creative and helpful I think. I will off-course follow their method.

    Great job. Thumbs Up!!

  9. ferlyn says:

    Wow! Thanks for showing us how to organize our books. This is very helpful!

    I’m sure most of us just put our books anywhere. haha!

    Keep posting guys :)

  10. clarke_kent says:

    This videos 1 to 3 is very useful to organize the things you want exactly..

    I mean you can have time management if you will follow the instruction the way to be..

    Nice video bro. Keep up your good video.

  11. Roni says:

    These videos(1,2,3) really helpful. I have learnt many ways and system about Organize a book.

    Thank you for posting and keep posting new……..

  12. MrClarinet says:

    Interactive, straightforward, elaborate and filled with information. Along with the first 2 videos, this is a great series. Keep it up!

  13. cherry_rocks says:

    This video (along with the first two videos) are the most appropriate and detailed discussion in pre-planning in organizing & writing your very first book. I for all honestly, haven’t ever encountered these procedures even during my post graduate years, I mean these videos are so straight to the fact and elaborate. Keep up it up, I appreciate your work!

  14. Glenn says:

    Okay after 20 min. watching this vid..all i can say great job!!!!!

  15. Dee says:

    Great setting and rapport you have set up here. You are a great teacher, working through questions, and visual examples.

  16. Kelvin says:

    Wonderful teaching system !!!!!

  17. Kelvin says:

    its an awesome way of teaching by reaching minds of kids and routine life examples improve understanding. its good to ask queries and answer them perfectly……. liked it….

  18. Ali Jafari says:

    I really liked the way he related books with readers. It’s true that books are actually people’s own experiences. Since it’s not possible to meet all these people, we read their books to learn from their experiences. A good book tells the reader where he stands and what he should do to reach his goal.

  19. roland v. says:

    After watching the video, it made me realized that to achieve the objectives one must step the ladder until you reach success. I find the discussion very interesting, very precise in planning when writing a book. I also learned that information is free and can be used as an essential marketing. I have learned a lot from this video, thank you very much because I can start writing my next module.

    • That’s awesome you learned a lot :) You made a lot of great points. I like the one how about how you can use information for marketing. It’s a great way to help a lot of people and build your brand & business.

      Can’t wait to see your finished product/book.

      Talk soon!

      Alex Albright

  20. Rica says:

    As one who is considering writing a book, I found this video to be most inviting in terms of its simplicity and conciseness. I have tried looking up steps to writing books on the internet and lose interest because there is too much to contain. The way this video is put together with the simple steps and the simplicity of the visuals got me stirred to want to go to work on my book. The audience participation was great as most presenters neglect to do this.

    • Yes, I will be checking out more or your videos, and I actually plan to use them as a guide in writing my book. And, the whole time I am watching the video, I am taking notes on my little yellow stickies to transfer to a Word document to following in writing, when I’m not on the internet. Thanks for such a refreshing approach to book writing!

    • WOW! Thanks for such amazing feedback. It REALLY helps – so thank you.
      You got it – just organize your book – then fill in the blanks :)
      Check out more of my videos if you want more step-by-step videos how to write your book and make sure it’s successful and profitable!

      Talk soon,

      Alex Albright

  21. Stephen says:

    Excellent video. This really helps new writers like me to Organized a book.

    Thank you for your guidance.

  22. joshua reyes says:

    This is very nice video on organizing to make a book especially for new writers who enters on this kind of fields. the more organized your book the more it can help the reader on what purpose why they buy this book for. Great video and I sure recommend this video my friends who is interested on writing books. Thanks

  23. burnfire23 says:

    Awesome organization video dude, I like the way you structure the chapters and sub-chapters. What was it called (chunking?). Great video I learned quite alot and I hope to see more.

  24. Lorna L. says:

    While Writing A Book There Is A Lot Of Ideas In Our Head. Without Proper Organization Of Its Chapters People Will Get Bored, Confused And Finally Angry On Themselves For Buying It. This Video Will Help A Lot Of New And Confused Writers To Organize Their Books. Well Buddy, Thank you very much for this video. It Is “must watch” for all kinds of writers…

  25. Juthi says:

    thanks for you important information to us.i think it really helps us.i think any one can keep his book easily.

  26. roy_joy says:

    Thanks for the important information.Politely I have to say that it,s amazing.But there is a small correction,It,s not for money,It,s a source of knowledge so we have to make it very simple with various kind of easy information that look,s people easy to read.. That,s all sir.

  27. Dora says:

    Another useful video that should be watch, you can never refuse to watch this because it can give you insight on the way that it can help you. It’s a great video you have.

  28. Aisa King says:

    This is an amazing and highly informative video which I have ever seen on this topic. Really it organizes nicely as well as creatively. All can write well,have knowledge how to write but not have proper idea about how to organize a book.This video will definitely help them who have lack of organizing book.I really appreciate the lessons of this video and I hope it also helps marketing your books. Thanks..

  29. mathai says:

    Excellent video. Book writing is never described as much easily. Thank you for your guidance.

  30. Rick says:

    This is great information for organizing a book. Anyone can easily manage his/her book. So, I am following this way of organizing a book.

  31. Andrew Joey says:

    Great topic! The information goes beyond organizing a book.. You can actually use the concepts in achieving goals in life or better in marketing.

  32. Brian says:

    Nice presentation. I have some questions…

    Does this process work best with a book of a particular length? How many words do you recommend?

    I’d love to check out what you’ve done with this. Where can I find books you have written?

  33. Mrscraton88 says:

    Information is free but not free the systems. System means organized information. If you can write a book in organized you can make more money. So, you should take part in to the sessions.

    This session is highly important not only for writers but all.

    • Very true. That lesson has helped me SO much in not only being able to charge more for my books and products, but it also helps people get the results they want, and easier for me to write. Hope it does the same and more for you.

      Talk soon,
      Alex Albright

  34. j1music says:

    Mystery! Mystery! What a mystery behind a book organization !! It’s not only helpful for the professional writings but also for private writings. It’s obviously informative. New writers who are tensed about their writings can hopefully follow these methods. Want more informative posts based on skill of writings. Thanks…. :)

  35. vinny says:

    It is an awesome and brilliant stuff! What a video! I didn’t know that there is a formula of organizing a book.

    Its a master piece of all writing concepts and formula.

    I think every writer should aspire from this and stop writing dull and boring books and create something creative like it !!!!!

  36. Miller_josh says:

    This video saved me, I will definitely be able to organize the book I’m preparing for my business which I had been doing for some time now. Surely, when I’m finish, I will not only help my customers but also increase exposure of my business through my books. More exposure, more customers, more earnings for!! Thanks! I’ll be watching the continuation of this video. Very helfpul.

  37. Miller_josh says:

    @jenet- Very well said!!

    I also agree with the video, “People don’t want books, they want an outcome”. I should know because I buy based on the outcome it may offer.

  38. blessed_rosy says:

    Nice video. By showing this video one can learn how to organize a book. Thanks.

  39. Jenet M. says:

    By the way, at first I thought the video was boring but I was glad I continued watching it… the video was very informative and specific. Even a non-professional writer like me can already make a book just by being specific in my targeted outcome. It was just sad the speaker did not mention his name in the video, but Thanks for posting this video. See you in Part 2.

  40. Jenet M. says:

    @Glenn Dolino, You have ask “Is it important to know the outcomes before writing a book?”—I think “YES, it is important.” because the outcome he is mentioning is the target goal or the main reason you want the reader to achieve after reading your book whether be it physically, intellectually or emotionally.

  41. Mylene Bayron says:

    A very informative video! Thanks for posting. :)

  42. Thao Reyes says:

    It will help me greatly while I write books…..Very helpful topics….Thanks a lot.

  43. Tara Lynn Craig says:

    Helpful information and any one can start to organize a book by seeing this video.

  44. Joan says:

    Book Revealed Organization Formula… What a nice formula. I like this and also the person who provide the greatest method. Thanx!

  45. Glenn Dolino says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! I didn’t know that there is a formula in organizing a book. Anyway, is it important to know the outcomes before writing a book? In my own understanding, you only write a book for expressing your own feelings, ideas, etc. You just don’t mind the outcomes except if you plan to sell it.

    • Exactly. The way I see it. If you want to sell it and make money etc. use these techniques.
      If you’re writing just for fun and only for yourself – then nothing really matters.

      Thanks for your great feedback and talk soon :)

      Alex Albright

  46. Nicky says:

    WOW!!! Really helpful for me for writing. Every book writer should need to see the full video for making his concept more clear that which can make him popular. Thanks for sharing such video. Great job!

  47. Cielo says:

    I am going to write a book and I found this after I searched in youtube. This video is really helpful for me. The most important thing I learned from this video is “people do not want to buy book, they want outcome”. Looking for more video from this person.

  48. Joseph says:

    A wonderful way to learn how to write in an organized manner. Learned a lot of things and is interested in writing. Thank you.

    • Your welcome. Thank you for watching. And looking forward to see your learning turn into new actions to help you write your book and reach your goals :)

      Talk soon,

      Alex Albright

  49. Ahmed Recife says:

    I think so, the one who want to write a book or to publish his/her book. If he watch the video will help him a lot and will surely give him a rise to change his/her life.

    Even if a beginner who write just short stories/fictions will give a success.

    Just view the video and respond. “Am I right?”…

  50. Samir V. says:

    great! it helped me a lot. I didn’t knew organizing book will be that helpful. thanks.

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