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5 Responses to “You Already Subscribed!”

  1. C says:

    Perhaps a silly question and also perhaps, an obvious one… Where’s your, How to Get or Be Published book &/or instructional videos? :)

    • Not a silly or obvious question at all!

      Actually, I don’t get them “published” in the traditional sense at all/

      What I do is just save them as PDF’s and sell them as eBooks!

      Don’t use amazon or anything like that.

      I just use websites (very similar to this one) and offer my books and programs on my website only.

      You may ask why?

      Well that’s what I have found that works for me.

      I find on amazon I have a one chance to get the to invest in my books or programs.

      With a website users can enter their name and email in and I can build a relationship with them, give them free stuff etc.

      Then I can just tell them about the offers I have and it’s not a big deal. Like if you want more indepth in the subject or topic then by my books or programs…

      And I don’t have to give any of the money to amazon either.

      So hopefully that answers your question!

      If not leave another one and I will do my best to answer it.
      Talk soon,

      Alex Albright

  2. Pra says:

    I have tried to get the templates a number of times but it gives me a message saying – You’re already subscribed. Is there a way I can get the templates.
    Many Thanks

  3. J C. Raymond says:

    I have tried a dozen times to get your free cover creator. Each time, I get a message that reads, “You are already subscribed; check your emails; but I get no cover creator software download.
    Once, weeks ago, I started to download the software, but my anti virus software warned me the software contained many viruses, so I didn’t continue.
    Please advise.
    J C. Raymond

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