Book Writing Secret

That No One Told You About…

book writing secret

Book writing secret alert!

You’re about to learn one book writing secret that no one has ever told you.

Almost every famous author has known this. It’s made them millions and millions of dollars. And can work for you too.

Not using this, you can make your books less valuable (meaning they’ll pay less for your books) and make book writing a lot harder than it needs to be… wasted time, money, and effort.

I remember reading a book when I first wanted to learn about it. I was reading the book and it said “within the next line is the SECRET  to book writing.” I was like “YES, finally the book writing secret.”

And here’s what it said:

“the secret to writing a good book is to say something new in an old way, or say something old in a new way.”

Now I had to think on that quote a long time to really get it… Over the next few times you do any book- writing  you may think about that quote and think about what it REALLY means.

I think it means what I like to call “stand on the shoulder of giants.” What does this mean? It means NOT starting from zero. What’s your topic you want to write about (or writing about now)?

Chances are, someone has already written about it before.

You can go read and learn what they have to say.

Then you can take a variety of giants (ones that were successful writing before you) and combine them together.

Ask yourself, “how can I take this to the NEXT LEVEL?” Ask questions like “what are they all trying to say?

How can I synthesis this into something new, easier to use, faster, better?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think that quote really means and what you learned in this book writing secret.




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14 Responses to “Book Writing SECRET That No One Told You About Book Writing”

  1. hello
    i received an email from owner of this site. It looks comprehensive.
    my problem is i have written 2000 pages and editing and re editing is taking for ever. i have to chop the content and this is what i do now. hopefully if God wants it will finish in the right time.
    I think reading some of your pages will be helpful.
    i will
    thank you

  2. lisa says:

    Regarding the quote, I was thinking maybe doing this allows the reader to immediately align intellectually with the writer and the book by having something that the reader recognizes from previous learning situations.

  3. abrar hossain says:

    i was really eager to write something creative. i found myself very nervous. but after reading this article suddenly my confidence grew instantly.
    “the secret to writing a good book is to say something new in an old way, or say something old in a new way.”
    wow, what a saying!!! quite simple it is. i found this quote from this article.
    if you think deeply, you’ll find thousands of things flying through your minds. what you have to do is just grab one, and extract the juice out of it. then if its logical enough, it will be a literature.
    anyway, thanks. i found this article really helpful. :)

  4. Louise Taylor says:

    This is a great tip for anyone wanting to learn more about how to write a book. It has certainly left me with a lot to think about. Applying the principle of saying something new in an old way, or saying something old in a new way, will save prospective authors a great deal of time and effort. Thank you for sharing this fantastic secret.

  5. kamel samir says:

    I think that this quote really means to reach the mind of your reader in a moderate good manner suitable for all readers , meaning : if you write an old content , make your style modern to suit the time gap between the content’s age and the reader’s age , and vise versa , if you write a very modern content , make your style simple to reach the mind of most readers , also , to write a book , ” stand on the shoulder of giants ” is the best way to keep up-to-date with the era , to develop the whole style of writing and help to modernize more and more .

  6. Marie Enriquez says:

    Thank you for sharing this most valuable secret on how to write a book. To say something new in an old way, I believe means that you have to present any new ideas you may have in a way that people will understand, and to say something old in a new way is perhaps presenting a different angle for an idea that is not exactly new. This way you will have material that is fresh yet can be related to by your book’s audience.
    I will surely remember and use this when I write a book!

  7. Jerry McLane says:

    Question: Where to find “most researched” questions on www. Where to look for the number of inquires (stats.) for a book’s major subject and answer.

    • Are you looking for answers or question people are asking?

      First google it. In search bar put “your topic”. Then get more specific “how do I XXX” and “best ways to XXX”. You’ll come up with alot on info on the web. All for free.

      You may get a lot of great place to find questions and answers. is where a LOT of people ask questions.

      Again, what are you specifically looking for, and I can maybe help you out better. Or let me know if this helped you out :)

      – Alex

  8. Mary Ann says:

    Not sure. I’m going to see if I have enough material for a book after twelve weeks on the diet I’m doing. If that’s not enough, I may need to make it a year long process.

  9. Jarred Guy says:

    hmmm yes study the experts. I like to think of new things too.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hmm yeah it’s like “don’t reinvent the wheel.” Good ideas. Can’t wait to hear more.

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