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How To Design A Book Cover Quickly And Easily Using This Free Software With Proven Book Cover Designs

Hey it’s Alex Albright,

Book cover maker and Creating a book cover used to be hard. You had to have a lot of knowledge or advanced skills. But with this Book Cover Software you can easily and quickly create book cover designs that people automatically want to buy.

Cover Creator, our custom-designed book cover creation software, is a dream to use and produces professional-looking book covers in just minutes using amazing push-button technology … and it requires no graphic art skills.

Cover Creator was developed on Adobe AIR so that it works on BOTH Mac and PC.

You can get instant access to download this one-of-a-kind software by clicking the link below:




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More About This Free Book Cover Maker + Cover Creating Software

If you ever wanted a book cover maker, but didn’t want to spend hours making the book cover or paying someone else high fees and wasting time, then this is for you.

In this free book cover software, you also get free ebook cover designs that have been tested and proven to get people to buy your book.

I promise you will not find any other cover design software like this for free:




This ebook creator has also never been so easy to use. You don’t have to have any advanced skills or anything like that…

eCover Creator is now easy. And the ebook templates look professional for your real tangible book or ebook.

eBook Cover Creator USED to sell for $297. Right now it’s actually MUCH less than that.

This book cover design software will most likely NOT be available forever at this very low price, so grab your copy of it today:

See What I Am Talking About Here



This Book Cover Design Software will generate book covers for you within minutes of using the software – guaranteed. Just check out all the positive comments below!

e-book cover software is now free, with proven ebook templates.

ebook cover maker will do all the “hard” work for you. No special skills required. No outsourcing someone where you have to go back and forth to get something you like.

Free ebook Cover Creator is all yours, just click the link below, enter your name and email and you will get instant access to download this ebook cover software:




This Free Book Cover maker will help more people buy your book. You will make more money, And have more success, influence, control, and power in your life. You’ll be able to make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Get this book cover maker free today while it is still free – along with the tested proven templates that get people to buy your book:

How To Design A Book Cover – Live Example:

You Get All These Proven Book Templates Free:

eBook covers, book covers designs, free book cover templates – download all for free and make them your own:




These book cover designs are tested and proven to help you sell more copies of your book.

Honestly, when someone looks at your book they judge it first by the cover.

If it does not automatically interest them, then 99% of the time they will go away and never come back.

You must have a great cover design (whether it’s for your hard cover book or ebook).

Get this free cover creator software and all these templates that you can tweak to make your own within minutes:




Best book covers have a specific design and feel. We made these book templates with that in mind.

Also, you can use these easily for Kindle book covers.

Or book covers for ebooks.

Best part, these are all free book covers. Again, these book covers free for now. So get your free book cover templates while they are still free:



How To Design A Book Cover Q and A:

Here’s a few questions you may have that we wanted to answer:

Can you delete an image or text on a template?


Click on the “Delete Item” button in the lower left “Tools” window, click the item to delete and it will be removed.


Can you arrange the text and images like layers?

Yes! Click the asset you want to move to the back or front and then choose “Depth” in the “Tools” menu. A lower number, for example 0, will place the asset to the back. Text should have a higher depth.


Can I add my own images?

Yes! In the “Media” window click the “Add” button, choose your file, and give it a name, then click Save. Once your image is added you will see it in the Media window. Each image added will show as the last image in the window so you might have to scroll down to locate it.

Click and drag the image to the template. You can resize the image by grabbing the handles. The templates are high resolution with a width of 1500px and a height of 2400px. Images needs to be high resolution as well.


Can I save my book cover?

Absolutely! Click the Save button and your cover will be saved as an xml file.

When you are ready to work on the cover again, locate the saved xml file by clicking “Load A Saved Template” on the welcome screen.


Can I Move, Resize or Rotate Text and Images?

Yes! When you click on the text or image you will see what we refer to as ‘handles’ appear. You can perform the following actions:

MOVE: To move the asset, click on the asset and locate the middle handle. This will allow you to move it around the screen.

ROTATE: To rotate the asset, click on the handle to the far left of the asset. There are two on the right side, so click the one to farthest right – this will allow you to rotate the asset as desired.

RESIZE: When you want to resize the asset, you can click and use the handles to the top, bottom, left and right. These will allow for resizing text boxes and images.

Download your copy for free by clicking on the link below, entering your name and email, and you’ll get instant access to this software and proven book cover templates forever:




Your Friend,

Alex Albright


PS: I know you are going to want to use this book cover marker… but here’s a special “mind trick”to help you visualize your perfect book cover ….right below


Imagine maybe finishing your book cover

Go ahead imagine that now…

How does that feel?

Now imagine that you really did finish your profession tested book cover…

In is much detail as you can.

Image it brighter and bigger, more and more detail, see it now…

And now see many people ordering it on Amazon or your website.

And then getting it and how exited they are to have it…

Now how does that feel?

That’s just a small “visualization technique” to help you finish your book.

And using this software you can make that a reality within 5 minutes of using this software.

You’ll get a download link where you can start using Cover Creator immediately.





NO DOUBT the cover of your book is important.

Now if want more tips exactly How to write a book that sells, check this out:

How to write a book


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