3 Keys to Writing A Book – Making Sure You Get It Done And It Sells

I have a question that has personally led me to a lot of success in my life that I want to share with you now:

“What makes someone successful in writing a successful book and having REAL SUCCESS?
– meaning the book makes enough money to support themselves and makes an impact on the word”

So out of all the successful authors, marketers, entrepreneurs, I have met and read about, I want to share on what I believe are the 3 keys to their success – and how you can tap into these 3 Keys and have the same success with your book that you want – and even the success in all areas of your very own life.


KEY #1: Compelling Vision

I don’t know if you can tell, but if you talk to someone who is successful, or hear them talk, can you hear the passion in their voice?


Because they have that vision that makes them so passionate and acts like a MAGNET to their goal.

NOW, I’m actually a big believer in “The Secret” to SOME degree …meaning I believe in having the vision and new “things” come to you…

Meaning the right person, people, book, or opportunity will start to “align” and show up almost “out of nowhere”.

I think having a vision creates the clarity to determine what STEPS I must take.

I mean how can I be CLEAR on what I NEED TO DO, if I’m NOT clear on what I want?

I could go on and on about this… in fact I do in some of my training that you’re about to get… but for now… KNOW having a vision is powerful. VERY, very powerful.

My OWN PERSONAL vision is to take responsibility for putting together all the resources, training materials, and software to help writers share their message to the world to make an impact

– and at the same time they make enough money to support themselves and loved ones – and it gives them the money to have the lifestyle they want and be able to do that things they
want and deserve.

That’s why I am so excited to share with you this new opportunity I literally just finished putting together it’s all about writing and making sure your book has success (will tell you about it in a second – keep reading, go on to key #2 first)

ONCE, you have that vision, you MUST use “Key #2”:


KEY #2: Commitment

Think about it. You can have a vision, but if you’re not SUPER committed to making it happen, do you really think it will become reality?

Probably NOT!

That’s why when you get committed to writing a book, and say “NO MATTER WHAT I’M GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN” is like turning the POWER switch on in your mind, emotions, and body – and it’s where ALL the power comes in.

So the QUESTION is…

Are you committed to your vision? Are you committed to finishing your book and making a difference?

And to have the the lifestyle and things you want?

NOW, someone can have the vision, be committed to it, but still do ALL THE WRONG things…

Like they’re running for a sunset heading west – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

That’s why all the great, successful, and influential people use “Key #3”:


Key #3: Correct Education

You can think of education as the “Treasure Map to Success.”

That treasure is so amazing – but it’s usually hard to find right?

That’s why you need a map. And you need the tools and guidance to get the treasure…

You need a map of how to effectively write a book

That’s why I NEED to share with you this new opportunity that I have literally been working on for years.

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HINT: It’s NOT just about the Cover Creator software that creates unique covers from existing proven templates that have been proven to sell.

It’s all about the Ultimate 12 Bonuses that come with it.

It’s finally time. I put together all of my knowledge experiences, testing, learnings that cost me so much of my time. money, and heartache…

And put it all together for you: and it’s NOT just giving you the step-by-step programs to finish a best selling book people automatically want to

It has to be combined with also giving you the steps, software and training to market it so YOU MAKE SURE YOUR BOOK HAS SUCCESS.

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The choice is up to you, and I hope your choose wisely.

It’s been a pleasure helping you, and I hope to continue to help in the future.


Alex Albright


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One more thing:

I have personally used these “3 keys” that are almost like magic for achieving goals and especially for creating a successful and profitable book.

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