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Post you a comment about your book and link to your book in the comment RIGHT BELOW this blog post.

If you do, later this very week, I’m going to review your book, and help you optimize it to get more sales and help more people (there’s always a way to increase this).

Plus, thousands and thousands of writers and readers read this blog and subscribed to my newsletters. And I can almost guarantee 90% of people that come to this post will read the comments – and there for read about your book and check it out.


Why Am I Giving Away Free Marketing Review + Publicity?

Mainly, because my main mission is life is to help people share their message.

Now, by you posting your book and link below, it will help my mission in two main ways;

#1: I can understand you better.

I can understand what kind of books you write, how you describe your book, a lot.

The more I know about you, the more I can help you.

Plus, I want to always be learning how I can help others not just write and finish their book, also to market it as well (DUAL powerful combo; creation + marketing)

#2: I am instantly helping you get more publicity to share your message and make more sales.

At the same time, I am pursing my mission to help you share your message with the world (because others will see your comment below).

It’s really a win-win for both of us.

Now what are you waiting for?

Post a very quick  description (1 or 2 sentences) and with a LINK below to you book now.


Not Finished With Your Book?

I have something for you as well…

If you are not finished with your book… then POST BELOW what your book is about, and more importantly, WHEN you’re going to finish it by (the exact date).

You see, one of the greatest powers to finishing your book is accountability. The more accountability, the more likely you will finish your book. Without accountability we can always rationalize to ourselves…

So get accountability with us now. Right what your book is going to be about, and WHEN you are going to have finished.

For extra credit write WHY you MUST finish it (trust me this is helping you so much).


So post about your book and a link if it’s done now. I will review your book marketing, description, tile etc. all with the outcome to help your book get MORE SALES.

Plus, I am sure a lot of other writers will be interested in seeing your book as well, and before you know it, new opportunities may be right at your door.

Can’t wait to see and help you with your book,

– Alex Albright


Few Other Important Things:

  • If you have more then one book, please only post ONE of them. Choose your best book that you want me to review and others to see. 
  • Please share and like this if you can. Also motivates me to more when I get more likes and shares :) 
  • All you have to is basically post the link to your book below and I will review your book and “marketing”.  Should take 30 seconds max to post below.
  • If you don’t have your book finished, post when you finish it by and why you must finish it.


←——————————–BLOG POST UPDATE———————————–>

 Above is what I originally posted. I created a video about 3 of the reviews that were submitted in the comments and I made it into a quick, but very powerful, training video for you.

You can still leave a comment about your book, and I or my staff will review your book as soon as we can.

I ALMOST FORGOT: the “commitments” to getting your book done if you posted one were really amazing and inspirational.

What’s the best way to climb a fence?

By throwing your hat over the fence!

So awesome job, keep making public commitments (just like I did, saying I will give feedback, and now I am) – that’s one of the best ways I know to accomplish new goals like finishing and promoting your book so it makes the success inevitable. So keep leaving comments about what you’re going to do on our blog – VERY powerful.


Okay back to the REVIEWS – I posted the video below.

Here’s a FEW things you’ll learn in this video:

  • The TWO KEY areas to focus on to get more book sales.
  • Quotes from famous authors like Tony Robbins that will help you get the most book sales.
  • How to rank higher on amazon with simple changes that take less than five minutes.
  • Case studies of books with little to no sales and books with over 100’s of sales – let’s compare them and identify how get more sales now.
  • And much much more…

Just click the “play” button to begin watching it.

Self Publishing Secrets: How To Optimize Your Book For A Flood Of Sales

So what did you think?

Leave your “big insight” on what you learned AND how you are going to use this to get more book sales in the comments on this blog post on on the YouTube Video.

I hope you got a lot of value out of these self publishing secrets – and you use them to get more sales and help more people.

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62 Responses to “Instant Free Marketing Review and Publicity”

  1. Matthew Harris says:

    I maybe like some others write self-help educational books on many topics. My true asset here is to learn to imprive my writing skills, create a largers fan and audience base and attrack more followers to my facebook page which is…w.matthew harris patriotic intiatives
    addionally whats also important is the feedback from my readers sbout the subjects and articles I send out daily on my facebook pace to help others educate themselves.

  2. t0715 says:

    I do not even know the way I stopped up here, but I assumed this publish was once great.
    I don’t recognise who you might be however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger when you aren’t already.

  3. Lin Laurie says:

    My book is called “That Gratitude Attitude” and is about creating a life you love using gratitude as the foundational element to attract positive things to you.

    I have a web site but it isn’t fully functional yet.

  4. Hello Alex,
    I am very pleased to announce the release of my second science-fiction novel, “Ghosts of the Void”, by Timothy Burns. This is as adventure through time that tells what happens as the solar system passes through a vast cloud of dark matter. Electronics go haywire, unbreakable materials shatter, and enigmatic, ghostly creatures appear. On Mars, where technology means life, psionic Jared Miller, prospector Bo Greene, his ex-wife Anissa, the witch Anna and several others find themselves transported to the distant future where Mars is green and vibrant, but the human inhabitants are under the domination of sadistic alien overlords, and survival becomes secondary to saving two worlds.
    282-page paperback, $9.99, available from

  5. Cindy says:

    Alex, great info in the video. Thank you! I just finished the first draft of my book, so I discovered you just in time. This is really awesome, and I appreciate it.

    • Hi Cindy,
      You’re welcome.
      And it’s good that you already finished your first draft for your book.
      It is a good start and definitely you are in the right track to keep it up.
      Good luck.

      Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

  6. Anne says:

    Book Title: “What’s in That Cat’s Ear”
    children’s book from 1 to 8 years of age.
    The story of a cat, an elephant and a teeny, tiny witch named Tillie and how the cat and elephant being the object of Tillie’s spells which never seem to end as she planned they would.
    The story has a surprise ending which will tickle your funny bone.

  7. “If you want me to personally review your marketing message for your book and get free publicity check out my new blog post:”
    My book “Where Love Begins Vibhavari” It is available on Amazon .com even. I’m really lucky to see this secrets on FB & to take this opportunity

  8. Joel Savage says:

    Hello Alex, thanks for the electronic mails you have been sending about publishing and marketing. They are not only informative but also educative.

  9. Hi Alex. Thank you for this opportunity. The following links will lead you to my book, “SoKoDiaries: An American Teacher Living in South Korea.”




    • Great work getting those testimonials! Sounds like a great book.

      I’d break up the description into smaller paragraphs. In famous copy-writing teachings, they say “long copy short paragraphs”. It works better to make more sales because it’s easier to read.

      Keep promoting your book and I know you will have even more success.

      – Alex Albright

  10. From Hedo to Heaven is a fiction of vivid true life events of a church girl gone wild and how sex became her recreation of choice.

    This book caters to but is not limited to the Christian audience. The story is designed to answer the “how” and “why” questions of those who struggle with promiscuity.

    My deadline to finish was April 2013. Thanks to your lessons on how to write a book in 60 days, it is my intention to have my first book signing and speaking event by my birthday in October.

    I lost my job a week ago. The fact that I need to make a comfortable living makes me confident that I will remain focused to the finish!

    • You’re welcome Debbie.
      And it’s good to know that after everything that happened, you still managed to finished your book and stay focused.
      I know your book will be a good start for everything.
      Goodluck and I hope everything will be okay for you.

      -Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

    • Hey Debbie,

      Remember the first version of your book does NOT have to be perfect. Just get it out there and see what the response it like.

      I’d have a back up income just in case.

      When I was first starting this online business I worked a normal job to be able to pay my wages.

      Something to think about…

      I know you will make it happen. And excited to see your book!

      – Alex Albright

  11. Peter Squire says:

    My vision is to guide those who have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and don’t know where to turn.

  12. My book is a memoir about my dad’s musical career. He died in 1985. It is published however I don’t have great sales on it. Presently, its for sale at Amazon and Barnesandnoble, my publishers are with


  13. J C. Raymond says:

    I need to finish my book, which is half done, by December 31, because it has political material in it, and I want to take advantage of the mid-term Congressional elections, next year. The book will solve more than a dozen problems facing businessmen, and answer many questions asked by millions of Internet users–no firm title as yet–my target audience is business owners and managers, who buy books to help them improve their business-management skills. I need ideas on how to market the book to business owners and managers. Thank you for all your previous help.

  14. My book is fiction based on a true story, getting some wonderful feedback – eg, one reviewer says ‘It’s a finely crafted, well-polished piece of writing, centred on a
    painfully personal story, told with amazing frankness. In many ways it is an awfully depressing tale of exploitation and abuse, but one balanced with an extraordinary degree of empathy and sprinkled with delightful humour.’

    • Love the title! Makes me curious and emotionally compelled to read more.

      Good work on the reviews as well.

      I can’t seem to see your book description on Amazon… Can you add one? And if so you the same emotional words that you use …perfect.

      – Alex Albright

  15. Miriam Brandon says:

    My book is about cv writing. At the moment, I am making some changes in the cover. Thank you so much for your feedback and regards,

    • You’re welcome Miriam.
      And if you need some help about the cover, just let us know.

      -Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

    • Hey Miriam,

      I would be more specific and benefit rich about why they want a CV…

      You say: “Do you want to write a perfect CV? If the answer is YES then this is the right book for you!!!”

      So do they want a perfect CD???

      Or do the want a job?

      Do they want a job or do they want a dream job?

      Do they want a dream job or they want to make money?

      You see where I am going with this…

      Be more specific, think upstream about the bigger more motivational outcome the really want …and use that in your description and marketing and I promise it will make more people buy i.e. increase your conversion rate.

      – Alex Albright

    • My first question is what is the “hili”?

      In marketing we always say “a confused person, does not buy”.

      So I have no idea what that means. But if your target audience does then it will work.

      Great work with getting reviews. I add more specific benefits and emotional reason to buy your book in the description.

      Figure out more how to do this on my marketing blog to make even more sales.

      – Alex Albright

  16. Lily Flowers says:

    My book’s name is “Lovely London” it’s about a girl that is debating which profession will she have when she will grow-up
    Very cute for girls

    • Lily Flowers,

      What a cute book. If I had a daughter I would buy this for her so she gets insight how to choose here career when she grows up!!

      Can you add to the description more benefits or things that will spark emotion and curiosity so more people will buy?

      People always need more emotion to take action and buy.

      Other then that, the reviews look great, keep promoting it until you have the success you want. Maybe promoting on children’s sites, or where parents hang out. Find where your target audience “hang out” online or what website they would be on and promote to them if you want more sales.

      – Alex Albright

  17. Kris Howie says:

    Hello. The Parenting Cookbook by Dr. Brian Stress is a guide to raising a successful child. The chapter of the book is viewable on Amazon as well as I am looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for your time.

    • Hey Kris,

      This is such an important topic – raising our kids. So thank you for writing this :)

      I’d break up the description into smaller paragraphs so it’s easier to read.

      I’d add keyword in the beginning middle, and end of your description if you want to rank on Amazon and Google for a certain keywords or keyword phrases.

      You need to get some testimonials as well.

      Can you email any of your friends or family and ask for them to buy your book and write a review?

      Do you have a website you can use to start promoting this book as well?

      I primary use my website, YouTube and Facebook to promote all my books, products, software, and services.

      I also do use some paid advertising sources but that’s a conversation for a different time :)

      – Alex Albright

    Get ready, this book will change your life.
    We live in a dangerous food world, full of temptation and instant gratification. No wonder obesity among Americans has tripled since the 1960s those prone to weight gain fail over and over to maintain their hard-won goals. Our brains and environments are stacked to work against us. Simplistic willpower-based and food-focused diets will never bring lasting change ever.
    But a solution is within your reach one that will help readers live better, longer, and more happily.

    • My book below is called ” Weight Loss Boss ”

      • I’d say pick to promote this for women or men.

        People want a specific book like it was made JUST for them.

        So instead of saying “especially” for women, you can say FOR WOMEN. This will make it much more powerful and counter-intuitively probably make more sales.

        Add spaces in description to make it easier to read.

        GREAT call to action!

        I’d add more bullets and benefits about what they get in this book and why is this book different than all the other books.

        Check out my video about how to make your book unique and superior then the rest. This will be super powerful for you to make more sales:

        – Alex Albright

  19. Are you desperate to stop smoking once and for all? Do you think you will never stop? Then this is the book for you! Let me help you quit, permanently, in exactly the same way I did, after thirty five years of chain smoking. Even better, you’ll stop with minimum drama, little effort, and absolutely NO willpower!

    Welcome to the secret art of stopping smoking. Without really trying….

    USA Kindle Version here:

    UK Kindle Version here:

    • Hey Stephen!

      You do something AMAZING when you say this ““For much less than the cost of a packet of cigarettes, this wry, comic and upbeat book reveals the secret art of stopping smoking without really trying. Forever.”

      You are TRANSLATING the value to the person. Which is great.

      I think you can break up your description better into smaller paragraphs. That makes it easier for people to read. The easier the read, more people will read it, and you’ll make more sales.

      Another thing, I would add MORE benefits as to what will happen if they quick smoking. Give people the motivation to quit smoking and motivation to buy your book.

      – Alex Albright

      PS: Add more testimonials! Watch the video on the blog to get a few ideas how to get more testimonials. People LOVE to see what other thought because they know you will say it’s great …but others with no agenda they trust more.

  20. Colin Aloysius Johnson says:

    My book is on and since April 24. Only sold two copies on CreateSpace since that time. It is only available in paperback right now. The name of the book is ‘The Marital Status of Jesus: What Does the Evidence Say?’ It is well researched and very clean of typos. It is well written(if I may say so). But it is not going as expected. Need help.

    • J C. Raymond says:

      About Mr. Johnson’s book, The Marital Status of Jesus; What Does the Evidence Say? Mister Johnson, your title made me look at your book on Amazon, however, you summed up the answer to your question on the back cover, by saying there is no evidence to show Jesus was married. I felt no need to read any further, because you said what most men believed for 2000 years seems not to have changed. If you had said Jesus was married, many people might have bought and read your book. Because you said nothing has changed, I am surprised even two people bought the book. For example, if you ask an expert on homo sapiens, if he thinks men descended from creatures from outer space, and he says it is possible, you might want to hear more, however, if the expert says there is only evidence to show men developed entirely on Earth, the subject is closed. In short, I believe, the better written your book is, the less likely it will sell, because it doesn’t provide any changes to the status quo. I am sorry to give such a negative review for your book, but I don’t see how all your hard work can result in any book sales, except maybe to someone interested in every smallest detail about the life of Jesus.
      On the other hand, your research may have turned up some new, interesting information about Jesus or his disciples; if so, try presenting the new information, and include your findings about Jesus’ unchanged marital status. Something new about Jesus might make me and many others want to read a well-researched book.

    • Work on getting testimonials. Break up your paragraphs so in description so it’s easier for people to read.

      Maybe you can be more specific, emotional, and add curiosity in the description to help more people get involved and purchase your book.

      Check out my marketing blueprints and videos:

      – Alex Albright

  21. Know any teenagers? This book will help them discover “who they really are” and live their own life… It’s called “Timeless Truths for Today’s Teens” and was written by a former teenager who failed at school, but succeeded at life on his own terms.

    Check it out here (please click on the book’s cover to look inside):

    • Hey Jason!

      Reviewed your book in the video! You are the first one I reviewed. Great work making it happen. And looking forward to helping you promote your book and much more.

      – Alex Albright

      • Thanks Alex, your video review was excellent and gave me many new ideas… I’ve already updated my book description and look forward to the next step in your Platinum Promotion program. Thanks again!

        • Hi Jason,
          You’re welcome.
          And if you need anything, just let us know.
          We are more than happy to help you in writing your own book.

          Lane Cabillar
          Alex Albright’s Support Staff

  22. Bloods Gem is a Paranormal Romance. About two unlikely people falling in lust then love. Daniel is half vampire half shape-shifter. Faith is a human girl who he is destined to be with. They become infatuated with one another and form an intense bond.

    • Gloria,

      You book sounds awesome.

      I would break up the description into shorter paragraphs so it’s easier to read.

      Then I would get more testimonials because people tend ot look and judge a book by what OTHERS say.

      Then just promote your book. Check out my marketing advice or learn how and make it happen.

      – Alex Albright

    • Right away I notice your description is one big block of text that’s hard to read. Studies show that it is easier to read if the text is broken up into paragraphs.

      Nice work on the 3 reviews! Keep them coming.

      Great “call To Action” in your description as well. The best way to influence someone to take action is to tell them exactly what to do :)

      Great work.

      – Alex Albright

  23. Hello Alex. Thank you for this opportunity. My book is about the importance of being happy in the moment and how this can be done more efficiently. I believe this book will be valuable to individuals who desire happiness and the experience of life’s goodies. I intend for it to be inspirational, informative, and practical. July 16, 2013, one month from today, I offer as the date it will be finished and available for review. Thank you, again, for this push in my desired direction.

  24. Numerology/Astrology has been my passion for many years. My latest self published book on Numbers offers insights into character, predicting with numbers and (most popular) where you live and the meaning of your house number. See my effort on Amazon

    • Hey Thomas!

      The first thing I noticed was you have ZERO “likes” on the book. That automatically and subconsciously communicated to me that your book is not popular and no one likes.

      I know that’s NOT the case. But we always have to look at what these thing communicate to us on a primal level.

      Get more likes and then when people see your book they will be more like to buy your book.

      Also your title seems like it can go to the next level. Make it more “clean” and updates. I know you can think of something…

      Check out our Cover Creator software to make professionally designed book covers from proven templates …all in less than a few minutes.

      Check it out here:

  25. Debasish Mondal says:

    I want to submit the completed book, entitled ‘Be Clean”

  26. Ka Mun says:

    Hi! I’ve recently published my ebook on Amazon couple days ago. Would love you to review and advise me on it Y U NO FAT I haven’t started any marketing nor used any of the 5 free days promotion yet. This is my first, hence would definitely need guidance and advice. Please hit back. Thanks!

    • J C. Raymond says:

      About Ka Mun’s book Y U NO FAT, just published. The title, though I have no serious overweight problem, forced me to look at the book on Amazon. I found Ka Mun’s writing style hilariously entertaining; also, she seems to have a knack for giving advice to her readers, which they might be inclined to follow. Maybe she should consider marketing the book to readers as a funny but practical guide to getting and maintaining the weight and shape they want.

      • Ka Mun says:

        Hey Raymond! Thanks for your comment. I would love having you to read my book and write me a testimonial on Amazon. Please let me know if you’re interested and I would set my free promo day for you so you could get it for free. Your help would be much appreciated. Please get back! Thanks!

    • Hey Ka Mun!

      I reviewed your book in the video! Hope you found it very helpful. Keep up the great work and keep taking action :)

      Alex Albright

      • Ka Mun says:

        Thanks Alex! I was out of town and just got back. I’ve just seen your video and thanks for reviewing my ebook on your video! I shall work on getting more testimonials and do as you advised. When I use my free promo day, I would really appreciate it if you could get a free copy and read it. And if you have the time, please do write me a testimonial or give me some heads up! Thanks!

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