Emily Gowor’s 8 Week Author Course Review

This author is not just beautiful, she’s also super intelligent and has written 4 VERY successful books.

And here’s the BEST part, she is willing to help you finish yours.

Emily Gowor just published a CHECKLIST on the essential things you must do for finishing a successful book.

I WISH I would had this when I first started my books (would of saved months of time, money, and energy).

You can download your personal copy on her blog by clicking the link below:

Checklist For A Successful Book


Also, she just launched her one-of-a-kind coaching and training program helping people finish a book in 8 weeks or less (yes, 8 weeks or less).

I’ve seen almost every program about “writing a book”, and she has “the goods” so to speak – Emily Gowor is the real deal.



Because I highly recommend her program…

If you join her program using my affiliate link I am going to also hook you up with the VERY best bonus package I have ever offered.

This will include software, tools, and training to make your investment into her program at least ten time more valuable – I guarantee it.

I will update this blog post soon about the insane bonus package you will get when you enroll into her program later.

For now, if you join using my link in this email you willget all my best bonus package ever along with Full Access to Emily’s top training program teaching you how to finish your book in 8 weeks or less.

Get your checklist and the program details here:

Finish your book in 8 weeks or less


<——————–BLOG UPDATE————————>

I had one of my team members proof read my last email before I sent it out to you yesterday.

(originally I had written “damn sexy, not beautiful :)

And he said “are you sure you want to send that? – it may offend some people?”

And I was like “YES – if we are NOT offending someone we aren’t doing something right.”

If you’re not offending someone, you probably aren’t having the level of success you want.

You follow?

Now, I never ever intentionally want to offend someone – when I’m writing “edgy” emails and sales copy it just kind of happens.

So marketing lesson: BE EDGY

It makes more sales.

Why? Well it has to do with EMOTION. People need emotion to act (but if we start talking about why this works this email could be a book itself).

NOW, on to my UPDATED BIGGEST bonus package ever for Emily Gowor’s 8 Week Author Training Program when you enroll now using my link.


BONUS: #1: The Modern Marketing Blueprint Program

This is the very best and most advanced training you can get about how to attract mass amounts of people using the internet and getting them to buy your books and products.

This course cost $1,997 if you tried to buy it on your own.

$1,997 Value

But you won’t pay a single cent.

This program is completely free, full access, when you purchase Emily’s program through my link:

8 Week Author Program Bonus Link



BONUS: #2: Cover Creator

This software will help you make professionally designed book covers that people automatically want to buy – in less then 5 minutes.

Just read the testimonials at the bottom of this page here – to see how many people love Cover Creator and how easy they all say it is and how it makes covers that professional.

$297 Value

You will get this software for free when you use my link below to enroll in 8 Week Author

8 Week Author Program Bonus Link



BONUS: #3: Writer’s Hack Audio Program

Plug and play this one-of-a-kind audio program to steal 27 of my best techniques that teach you step-by-step how to take what you know and turn
it into a book that people automatically want to buy.

This has never been sold before (and as of now, can NOT be purchased anywhere).

$167 Value



BONUS #4: Big Money-making Book Template

An exact “fill in the blanks” template that you can use to input your own content and ideas and STILL leave room for personal creativity.

$139 Value



BONUS #5: 30-minute Live 1-on-1 Action Coaching

You get a free action-oriented coaching session with one of my BEST coaches who has been coaching author/speakers for more than 3 years now.

This trained Ninja coach will personally help you get clear on your ideas, and help you take action to finish your book in than 8 weeks or less and get the most out of Emily’s program

$300 Value



If you want these bonuses worth at least $2,294 dollars

Here’s how to get all of these one-of-a-kind bonuses from me completely free.

#1: Invest in Emily’s Program “8 Week Author” using my link:

8 Week Author Program Bonus Link
#2: Then immediately send me an email at:


with the order number which Emily will send immediately after your purchase.


So if you’re serious about finishing your book, and want s the best training to do so, and want the best bonuses ever, then invest in Emily’s course now and get all the bonuses sent to you for free.

Here’s the link again:

See What I’m Talking About here





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