How To Write A Book “3 Keys To Write A Book With Ease”

Inside Secrets To Writing A Book That No One Ever Told You About…

When writing a book there’s a few “keys” to make it be more successful and easier to write that you’re about to learn…

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Well as you probably know, the information and writing books industry is estimated as a whole to be 4 billion dollars.

Even ebook sales are up in 200% from last year.

And It’s Only Going To Keep Growing…

Plus there’s never been an easier time to write a book. All you need is a laptop and can write a book right now.

Although, if you’re anything like me… then you may have discovered that writing your book can be a little harder than what meets the eye.

And if you looked around, there’s not many good sources on how to write a book.

That’s why I want to share with you the

3 Key’s How To Write a  Book With Ease”

And not just any book… a book that people want to buy… and makes you money.

In a natural method that most people are looking for this remedy.

That way, you can have more money to have and do the things you want in life. Have more power and influence, really help people, and leave a lasting legacy.

If you don’t learn and use what I’m about to share with you, you’ll make writing your book a lot harder than it needs to be.

And you may write a book that no one buys …and have less power and influence, make little to no money, not help the people you want, and have no impact on creating a difference in the world.

So let’s begin the “3 Keys To Write A Book With Ease”


Key #1: “Know Your Reader”

I want to give you a great quote from Jay Aberham, a famous marketer . He said,

“most people fall in love with the wrong thing – they fall in love with themselves, their product, their business and not their product.”

We’ll get more into that in a second…

First a question I like to ask is “why do you think people buy books?”

If you really think about why people buy books (or even why you buy a book) it’s because they have a PROBLEM.

They’re looking for a solution to that problem and/or want a RESULT.

They Want To GET Something Out Of The Book

People don’t just want books and information for informaiton – they’re looking to get  their problem SOLVED or get a RESULT.

For example, someone is overweight.

That’s their problem.

What do they want?

To lose weight.

Another example:  someone is broke and in debt and wants to get out of debt and have money.

They have no relationship and they want a relationship.

The list can go on and on.

Write A Book That Takes Them Away From Their Problem To The Result They Want, And You Can Truly Do This, You Can Create A Book People Automatically Want To Buy And Pay You For

Because they are already motivated to solve their problem, and your book is the priceless solution they already want.

So I’ll Always Start off with, what are  their pain, frustrations, problems, challenges, …and what do they want, what’s their irrational desire, what do they want to learn.

If you really get this, you can AVOID a HUGE mistake that most writers make which is trying to sell yourself and what you want (that leads to failure and no one buying your book).

One of the GREATEST (and profitable) lessons I learned about how to write a book is: it’s NOT about you. It’s about them.

So the question is now…

How do you figure out what their problems are?

Well, you can use the internet as an amazing tool which  gives us the access to this information and research with a few simple clicks.

Overall, how much easier is it going to write a book that is successful if you already know what your readers are motivated by and what they want?


A lot easier.

You won’t have to do much selling of your book.

Because they’re ALREADY looking for a solution and ALREADY motivated to buy.

All you have to is take what you know, turn it into a book, that meets what your readers want

…which brings us to key number 2:

Key #2: “Create A Structure”

The next key is to create a structure.  After figuring out “key #1 know your reader” – you can take that information and turn into a structure or a book outline.

Just like building a house. You start with the framework of the house. Then build the walls. Then interior design. Funrature. And make it look good.

You do not start with adding the furnature.

So in this case, your framework can be your book chapters.

Go here if you want to learn in depth how to outline a book.


Here’s The Quick Version of How I Do Yt:

I take a blank piece of 8 by 11 inch paper and divide it in half.

On one side I write on the top “Fears and Frustrations”.

On the other side I write “Wants And Aspirations”.

On the “Fears and Frustrations” side I write all their problems, pain, challenges, and questions they have,

Then on the other side, I write what they want, the results, their irrational desires, what they want to learn.

Then I Figure Out How I Can Bridge The Gap Between What They Do Not Want And What They Want

I usually chunk it into 3 steps.

Now chunking is a FANTASTIC word.

We as humans have the ability to pull something  apart into a million pieces or put it all together in one giant chunk.

If it’s too many small pieces, we get completely overwhelmed… And on the other hand,  if it’s too big of a piece,we will also get overwhelmed.

The key is the right sized chunks. 

So, if you can have 3 big chunks or “sections” this is perfect.

Then take everything you figured out from the first key and make the smaller sub sections or “chapters.”

Taking the 3 bigger sections into the smaller section or chapter, you’ll instantly have 9 chapters (watch this video on this page to learn visually what I am talking about)

Doing this when writing a book, you’ll notice you made a  HUGE progress that takes most people months.

Also, you can put the chunks step by step in order and you can create a system.

We as humans perceive systems as FAR more valuable than a bunch of random information.

Meaning,  people will be more eager and motivated to buy your book, and pay more for your book

Plus, what does a system imply?


A result.

What your reader or future customer wants…

Now start doing this …which brings us to key number 3;

Key #3: “Fill In The Blanks”

Then key number 3 is “fill in the blanks”.

You now know WHO your readers are (key #1)

You now have created a structure (key #2)

NOW, you need to “fill in the blanks” so to speak.

What I do is just imagine having a conversation with that person. So in each of the chapter I’d tell them what they are about to learn and why it’s important. I may give them the story of how I  figured it out.

I  imagine them asking “what do I need to know to understand this concept or step?”

So I’d tell them the main points.

Then if applicable  I’d give them the action steps. The “how to” so to speak.  Here’s how you do it… step 1, step 2, step 3, and so on.

And it does NOT need to be perfect – there’s no such thing as perfect. Just get it done – then you go back and fix it up.

A great quote that really helped me write my books are,

“the road to someday leads to a town called nowhere.”

Most people say

“When I know enough, when I have enough time, when I have the talent, when I finish this, THEN I’ll write my book…”

They get to the end of their lives saying,

“I wish I could have or I wish of would have.”

The power is NOW.

Be like the Nike commercial, and just do it.

The great thing is you don’t have to be an amazing writer.

People don’t care how good you write – they care about the result – if you can give the result, you WIN.

Here’s A Quick Recap of The “3 Keys To Write A Book With Ease”

Key number 1:  Know your customer- who they are , what problems they have, what they want and don’t want,  and what they do want.

Key number 2:  Create a structure – making an outline that bridges the gap from what they don’t want to the ant.

Key number 3:  Fill in the blanks- Tell them what they’re going to learn, why, main points, and action steps, if you can. And just do it. The hardest part is starting. The hardest part is getting to the gym. But once you start you’ll get in the zone. And your writing will start to “flow.”

Using these “3 keys how to write a book with ease” you’ll not only make writing your book a lot easier, it will also be a lot faster. Most importantly you’ll write a book that people actually want to buy. You’ll help others, make an impact and difference, leave a lasting legacy. Not to mention you get paid for it. And there’s also the respect, power, and authority that comes form writing a book.

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    • Hi,
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    Truly at all times, good writers must always write for their target audience and not for themselves. I, as a frustrated writer, am really guilty of this. Though I have been using third person perspective in writing my compositions, the flow of thoughts, and of course the words, just seem to reflect what I have been thinking inside–more of a projection. Even though my compositions are intended for a certain population, it seems like I am just communicating to myself and not to my audience.
    In short, I am not an effective writer…. YET. But for starters, the article on “3 Keys To Write A Book With Ease” reminded me of the most important thing all writers should consider in writing a book–Writers MUST Know their Readers.

    • Hi Blessie,
      Though we are writing for a certain population, we still feel that something is missing but we can’t conclude that we are not effective.
      I don’t agree with you that you an not an effective writer.
      Perhaps you just followed the tradition way of writing which need to be changed for the better.
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    • Hey,
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      Before writing a book you must be well- equipped with the things you must consider first to make it successful.
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    • Yeah, unfortunately most of us weren’t taught how to write a book. It’s harder than one would think of isn’t it? Glad you like these 3 keys to write a book. If you want more detail and some cool “blueprints” be sure to check out my site HowToWriteABookThatSellsItself (.) com.

      Alex Albright

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    • haha you’re the only one who worries about that 😉 I had so much fear to write my book it was crazy. I guess we have to be like Susan Jefferson say, “Feel the fear and do it anyways.” I’m glad you liked this video and it helped. I’ll make another video for you soon :) Thanks again.

      Alex Albright

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    • You got it! Connect/join up ideas and the value of your book goes up ten fold! I always say “Information is free, but systems are not.” Connect things up and order them like a system and people BUY systems/gathered information. Thanks for the awesome comment :)

      Alex Albright

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    • True …we make judgments so fast. Sometimes not even knowing… I like the distinction between buyer and person. Labels can have a huge impact. I personally like to all my “buyers” friends. I think it makes it more personally, fun, and I really like to add a LOT of value to my friends. Thanks for the comment :)

      Alex Albright

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      Alex Albright

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    1 Read to know

    2 Destructure your creation

    3 Blank your fillings

    Your attempt is really precious, your results not.

    You neglect a main key, the writer creates his reader, so he’s not like the fisher who goes to the lake, he is lke the breeder who feeds the trouts.

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    • Wow great feedback, thanks :) Yeah you said it, know the reader so the book will sell. The reader buys, they vote with their money :) Thanks again and I hope to talk again soon.

      Alex Albright

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    • Wow you hit the nail on the head with that one. I’m just going to quote what you said since I already read it a few times and want to emphasize it for anyone else who reads this:

      “A lot of authors don’t think of themselves as a business. As such, they don’t even realize they have customers with needs. I think that is what leads them to focusing on their own qualifications and needs instead of what their readers need.”

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      Alex Albright

      P.S. How’s the health project going?

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