How To Create A Book Introduction

That Hooks Readers In And Makes You Money…

How To Create A Book Introduction

How to create a book introduction” is a great question ask because your introduction (the beginning) and conclusion (the ending) can be thought of as two “traditional” pieces of your book.

Except, right now, we’re going to talk about them in a NEW and PROFITABLE way.

Let’s first talk about your money-making introduction. It’s the first thing your customer is going to read and it’s actually very important to learn how to write a book introduction.

Depending If you Know How to create a book introduction, your intro can do 1 of 2 things:

1. Turn “OFF” Readers (and they don’t read your book all the way through)

2. Turn “ON” Readers (and they read your entire book through)

Studies show 10% of people who buy a book or information product pass the first chapter.

But who really cares, right? They already bought the book? Why does it matter?

Well, that’s the mindset of most people who write a book. They say, “It’s in your hands now, you figure it out.”

Well, as most wealthy people say, “Whatever the general public is doing, do the OPPOSITE.”

So let’s follow that and do the opposite to write an amazing book introduction.

Let’s make a compelling intro that builds trust and motivation to follow through.

If You Don’t Use These “How TO Create A Book Introduction” Methods 3 Things May Happen:

1. Reader Puts It On The Shelf And Never Uses It

If they never use the book, it won’t be able to help them, and the author will lose respect. Any chance that the customer will buy will be very low.

2. Reader Returns It

Money is lost and the influence to help them is gone.

3. Reader Writes A Damaging Review

The third one is by far the WORST, because in the internet-connected world we live in, most people will Google your book for any reviews before buying it.


Who do you think the potential buyer is going to trust more when they are about to buy?

1. The author promoting the book?

2. The customer who has no interest if you really buy or not?

Exactly. The potential buyer is going to trust other customers just like them.

Now, if you create a really great introduction that builds trust and motivates them, they’ll follow through.

So it’s important to “paint the picture” for them of what they are going to get by reading your book so they’re motivated to read.

That way, they get the result and they can go online and broadcast to the world and influence more and more customers.

When this happens, it’s like you’ll have your own SALES FORCE FOR FREE.

 Here’s a Free Video Exactly How To Create A Book Introduction (and conclusion)

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6 Responses to “How To Create A Book Introduction”

  1. Rayhan Ahmed says:

    Wow,I find this whole introduction idea really helpful.I mean,I know how to write a book and I’m actually working on my new Ebook.I’ve really worked very hard on writing the book but wasn’t sure what to do to get more sales.
    I really believe that this introduction idea will work :)
    Thanks you for posting.

  2. Nikolina Andric says:

    Introduction sells book!!!
    Yes, that is completely true. I always read the first sentence, when I buy a book. If it is interesting and does not include some long description of, for example garden or a room, I will buy it.
    Of course, opinions of the others customers are very, very important. I believe what they said, I do the same. Praise what is good and complain what is bad.

  3. Vivek Kumar says:

    If you write a book, obviously, the introduction is one of the most important features you will have to take care.

    I have written 2 poetry books and I have faced the similar dilemma while writing the introduction for each one of them. However, I did try to include brief introduction about the content of the book. At the same time, I also mentioned how I was able to develop the poems over the years and what I intend to convey through these poems.

  4. I have read this feature.Also I have understood Book introduction is very important for seller and also buyer. Customer want to get everything in short time. If Book introduction is decorated he can get everything in short time.So you have to decorated introduction according to customer think.

  5. Jerry McLane says:

    Alex, 1.) thanks 2.) I am a hypnotherapist with half a book done, now it changes. 3.) Had advanced Multiple Sclerosis 25 years ago, now in remission without drugs, I use auto-hypnosis. 4.) We have something to share, need help, you can give.

    Thank you for your support!

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