“Writing A Book – Master Your Mindset To Write Your Book Fast”

Welcome to the article “When Writing a Book Master Your Mindset to Write Your Book Fast.”

With these new powerful mindsets are new ways of thinking that you’re about to learn:

  • You may notice instantly that writing your book becomes easier
  • You may notice you become more confident in your writing right now
  • Or the changes may take a little time to take effect

Whether it’s right now or in the future, this will help you write your successful and profitable book faster so you can have the increased power, control, influence, income, and impact you want to have in your life.

People who don’t know these five mindsets struggle when writing their books and products. These people make little to no progress and have no idea why. They go around the world with a victim mentality and never get the success, achievement, influence or income that they want and deserve.

Now, since you’re reading this… you probably do NOT want to be like the last sentence.

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Five Powerful Mindsets To Finish Your Book Fast


#1: Writing A Book Is Like Any Other Project


What defines a project?

Well there’s more than one step.

There’s a start.

And there’s an end.

There are certain things you need to do.

Just like planning a vacation.  Or planting a garden. Or building a house.

What’s your end outcome? So you can start thinking of finishing your book just like any other project.

What would your book look like if it was completed?

How would you know it’s done?

Now, why aren’t you finished now?

What do you need to do to finish it?

How can you start planning to finish it?


#2: Daily Progress Creates Momentum


Daily progress creates momentum.

Let me you ask a question. What’s the hardest part of going to the gym?

It’s usually – Getting there.

The hardest part is starting.

But you know, once you get started you get going, don’t you? You start to get in the zone…

This is just like a book… the hardest part can be starting.

Sometimes you may not feel like it. And that’s fine.

write your book momentumBut I promise you, if you start you’ll get going, get in the zone, and your writing will start to flow.

And doing that daily will build on each other, creating momentum.

You’ll get more and more done, faster and faster, and become better and better at writing each day.

And before you know it, you’ll be DONE with your book.

What most people do that makes writing a long and frustrating process – and sometimes they never even finish their book – is to write a little each day then stop for a week or two or longer, then write a little and stop again. Then start. Then stop. They never really create any momentum.

It’s like pushing a rock up a hill.

They push the rock up the hill then let it roll back down.

And doing this every day.

How can you schedule a little time to write daily?


Maybe you need to wake up a little earlier.

Or go to bed a little bit later.

Or watch a little less TV.


Even if it’s 15 minutes. You can always find 15 minutes.

Building that daily momentum will keep you going and you’ll wake up with your book finished in no time flat.


#3: Good Enough, Is Good Enough


Good enough, is good enough.

I see what stops most people: it’s definitely perfectionism.

Hey, that’s great – you want your book to be amazing. That’s normal and awesome.

But we all probably have unrealistic standards.

And instead of encouraging ourselves…

We beat ourselves up by saying, “Well, that can be better. That’s not good enough,” etc.

This stops momentum in its track. And creates a road block to a finished book.

When writing a book good enough is the new perfection

So, the new mindset that worked really well for me is, “Good enough, is good enough”

You know the first time, good enough is good enough.

You can always go back and edit it.

But getting it down is way more valuable at this stage.

So, how can you adopt this new mindset or test this out?

Can you write “Good enough, is good enough” down on a sticky note and put it on your desktop?

Or what can you do so that next time you’re writing you remember this?


#5: Content First, Style Last


This mindset builds on the last 3.

You want to do the content first, then style last.

So, in the beginning when writing your book, you want to get it all out of your head – judgment free –
Then, you can go back and rewrite things. And say things differently – accepting what you write, knowing it’s good enough.

After you moved around all the text where you want it.

Then, you can do the style. Make it pretty and add pictures and what not.

If you try and do style along with content, most likely the content will change and evolve anyway. Then you’ll be going back and forth editing and doing the style.

Doing content first and style last

This will save you a ton of time.

Wait till you see the content mostly how you want it before you add style.


#5: Focus On Your Customer


I can immediately tell people are successful with their books and business when they talk.

Those who are NOT successful talk about their book and their knowledge.

Those who are successful talk about their customers.

Because when you think about it, it’s all about your customers…

With them you could make a difference, or a living writing a book.

With them you can make a living doing this and make a difference in the world.

With them you can achieve new power, influence and control in your life, and make things happen.

And I got to tell you, when you focus on your customer, how much they will like it, how much it will help them.

It’s like a new power comes to you.

Writing your book can also become much much easier.

More motivation.

Less critical of yourself.

New ideas come to you.

I think this is the most important one. Using this makes all the mindset and steps you are about to learn a lot more powerful… and you’ll be able to write your book in less time.

So to recap, the five powerful mindsets to write and finish your book fast are:


Writing a book is like any other project.

Daily progress creates momentum

Good enough, is good enough

Content first, style last

Focus on your customer



So how can you start using these now?


  • How can you start treating finishing your book like a project?
  • Can you make a to-do list of things you need to do?
  • How can you schedule so you do it at least five times a week?
  • And how can you plan it so you do it at the same time?
  • And how can you schedule it so that it will NOT get interrupted?
  • How can you internalize your new mindset “Good enough is good enough”?
  • Can you write it down somewhere you’ll see everyday?
  • Can you say it to yourself everyday: “Good enough is good enough?”
  • And how can you remember to do content first, style last?
  • And how can you focus on your customer?
  • Maybe you can write a paragraph or two writing about all the benefits your customer will get from your book?
  • Maybe you can imagine your customer reading your book?
  • How are they going to feel when they read your book?
  • How grateful are they going to be?
  • How much is it going to help them?
  • Maybe you can make that a ritual to just visualize that and get in touch with that feeling every time you write.
  • What do you think that would do for your writing?


That’s it for now.

Use these now.

And if not, make sure you are enrolled on my free newsletter where you’ll learn a dozen more money-making and book-writing mindset and step-by-step action steps.

To write your successful and profitable book in the easiest and quickest time possible and enjoy the process.

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4 Responses to “When Writing Your Book Master Your Mindset To Write Your Book Fast”

  1. John says:

    Can you say it to yourself everyday: “Good enough is good enough?”
    and edit after.
    And how can you remember to do content first, style last?
    This is very interesting idea.
    I publish one book but I never concentrate on a customer,
    I was concentrating on my pure mindset. Readers they really like it.

  2. Jackson says:

    Hi ,
    I’m planning for a book, and would want your
    guiding in making it possible.. Thanks

    • Hi Jackson,
      Yes, we are more than happy to help you.
      You can always tell us if you need anything so we can help you out.
      Looking forward for it.

      -Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

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