Help Me Write A Book FAST or Which Book Should I Write First?

If you’re asking “Help me write a book fast” or “Which book should I write first?” then you’re in the right place.

Here’s the “help writing a book” video, how to get FOCUSED, and increase your productivity when writing a book.

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And if you want more information about what book you should write first and how to be more PRODUCTIVE – to finish your book fast – and how to make sure your book is going to be successful and profitable…

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So remember, when being more productive writing your book, you want to focus on ONE book at a time.

And when trying to decide, use “success tools” to help you decide.

Use the tool I showed you in the video.

Make a chart before you decide which book to write first.

Label it with your | Book Ideas | Demand | Pain or Pleasure | Resources |

Here’s what each of them mean:

1. Book Ideas:

Your book ideas you want to write about.

2. Resources:

How much knowledge, experience, notes, and information you have on the subject.

The MORE you have in most cases means the book will be EASIER to write and finish.

The LESS you have – the more thinking and researching it will mean (and – hint – you usually have a lot more than you think).

3. Demand:

How many people are ALREADY looking for a book or SOLUTION like this?

This is a HUGE one.  And personally a breakthrough for me.

Using this is like setting your book to be successful and profitable.

For example, if you’re writing a book on how to GET depressed, I’m not sure how many people are looking
for that…

Now, if you’re writing a book on how to NOT be depressed and be happy instead, there may be more demand!

Use Google’s Free Keyword Tool if you haven’t already.

Type in your topic (or what a future customer would type in) and Google will tell you how many people are searching in a MONTH for this keyword or phrase. Priceless.

4. Pain or Pleasure:

Pain – people are usually buying books because they have pain, problems, or frustrations.

Pleasure – on the other side, they buy because they want pleasure, relief, a result, or outcome.

For example, someone who doesn’t have a job and is looking for pleasure/solution wants a book on how to find a job so they can make money, most likely.

The more pain they have – i.e. bills to pay – the more motivated they are going to be to buy. Again, setting your
book up for success and profit.

By figuring out these 3 things, you can narrow your focus like a laser beam on to one book and get them done in
at least 1/10 the time, instead of trying to do them all at once.

And once you learn the trick to get one book done, you can get the second one done faster, and so on.

So the mantra or saying I personally use, and other writers and wealthy people use, is “Take one thing to completion, then the next.”

Using this, you’ll write your book in no time flat.

So the NEXT STEP is figuring out the first book you want to choose, so you can focus on it and FINISH it.

Here’s a simple way to figure this out:

I would make a chart with 4 columns.

Label each one:

Book Idea | Resources | Demand |Pain or Passion.

Then write each of your book ideas going down the left first column.

Then rate each book for each of the 3 categories from 1 – 10.

1 being none or very little.

10 being high or a ton.

Maybe write the number of people already searching for it within the demand column.

Then go back, and most likely ONE book idea will stick out.

The one that sticks out has the highest chance of success and profitably.

And this is the one you should focus on and finish first.

If you are having any other questions, concerns, frustrations, problems or challenges, just ask. I’m happy to help.

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4 Responses to “Help me write a book FAST or which book should I write a book first?”

  1. lance says:

    cool man. this really helps me alot … tnx alex

  2. Marissa Ann says:

    Haha that’s me! I always have so many ideas. It’s overwhelming. Well I overwhelm myself. Thanks going to use this to decide which book I want to write next. I’ll let you know soon.

    • Well at least you know. It’s a skill. You’ll catch on quick. I know it.

      I’ll be creating some more videos about how to be more productive when writing so be sure to subscribe to my channel.

      – Alex Albright

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