Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition Examples And How To Create Your Own In Less Than 10 Minutes


In this post, I’m about to show you 3 “unique selling proposition examples” of books that have all made over a MILLION dollars each.

You’ll learn exactly what a unique selling proposition is. And how you can create your own unique selling proposition (USP).

People who create and use a USP with their book, reach a level of success they never even dreamed about.

And people who discover their written books get that feeling of “Yes, this is exactly what I need” that makes them buy (and a LOT of people buy).

People who create, use, and refine their unique selling proposition attract many new customers to their books and products.

On the other hand…

People that don’t use a USP don’t sell as many books and products. In order to write a book effectively, and make it sell, you MUST learn this.

When people discover those kinds of books they say “That’s boring” or “I have seen that before,” and they don’t buy.

Even if your book is good, without a USP, new customers can NOT see the value (even if your book IS very valuable).

These people who don’t use a USP never have the success, income, and influence and money they want in their life.

So which person are you committed to being?

If you’d rather have more success, income, and impact with your book then you need to watch this video now. Then do the exercise afterwards.

Just click the Play button to begin below:

Unique Selling Proposition – Your Money-Making Weapon Video:



After watching this video:

It’s Now Time To Take Action And Create A Unique Selling Proposition

What did you learn?

How can you use this million dollar unique selling proposition examples?

How can you use this information now?

Follow along and do the action steps starting at the last few minutes of the video.

Watch this video about unique selling proposition examples and how to create yours again and again if you need to.

Using this you’ll be able to write a book that people actually want to buy!

Also make sure you add your USP into your book introduction and book conclusion

Then please leave your feedback right below! I love to hear it!


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3 Responses to “Unique Selling Proposition Examples [Million Dollar Book Idea]”

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  2. anthony says:

    I loved it, dude. Thanks again! I started outline what my exact USP is going to be for my upcoming book and I think I’ve got a really solid unique selling proposition… I’m definitely going to stand out in my market :)

    • Setting yourself up for success. I like it. You’re going to stand out. Help a lot of people. And make a LOT of money. I am very happy and excited to be a part of your amazing life :)

      Talk soon,

      Alex Albright

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