Write And Finish Your Book In Five Steps

You’re about to learn how to write a book in “rapid creation mode”. And not just any book, you’re going to learn how to write a book that people actually want to buy, makes you money, and gives you the power and influence you deserve.

If you don’t learn this, you might end up like most books… which make no money, don’t help any people, and get no results.

So let’s get to how to write a book quickly and easily.

How to write a book: Rapid book creation | Five Fast Steps

How To Write A Book Step 1: Pick Your Topic

There’s plenty of proven book topics and niches that I wrote about that you may want to check out if you’re asking yourself “what to write a book about?

What are your strengths and resources?

You automatically like to focus on it?

And what problems can you solve?

And is there a large group of people looking for that answer or solution? (you can use “Google Keyword Tool” to figure this out: Google Keyword tool)

How To Write A Book Step 2: Figure out exactly who your reader is.

I know you know this. And you’re RIGHT.

A famous million dollar marketer Ray Abraham once said, “most people know more about TV show character then their customer.” Because who pays you? Exactly. Your customer.

So who are they? What are their fears, frustration, and problems?

And where do they want to be? What results do they want? a natural lasting results?

Convert fears, frustration, and problems into results they want and you’ll PROFIT big time.

You’ll create a book that sells itself because they are ALREADY looking for a solution and you just put it in front of them.

The foundation and research before you write a book are crucial. Think about when you see a really tall and beautiful sky scraper.

You usually go “wow that’s cool.”

You probably don’t go “wow can you imagine the time and effort they spend on that foundation?“ Probably not.

But think about the sky scraper if it had no foundation… It would CRASH. Same with your book.

You can get more free training specifically how to find out what your customers really want by clicking and going here:

Succeed Before you begin (why people buy books)


How To Write A Book Step 3: Wants And Needs

Figure out what you need to write about to get them the result they want.

Write down everything you need to teach them to get the result they want.

Then break it down into an outline. What logically goes first? Second? Third?

If you can create a connection to each topic and create a system, then more people will want to buy your book, because we as humans perceive systems as far more valuable than a “bunch of information.”


How To Write A Book Step 4: Create an outline

What main step or “chapters” can you make so they get to the end result they want?

Then, “fill in the blanks” so to speak in your outline.

I show you exactly how to outline /organize your book here:

Organize a book


How To Write A Book Step 5:  Edit it

First, do a big picture edit and make sure everything flows and makes sense. Go through it a few times.

Then keep going more granular and more in detail.

With the last time editing for spelling and grammar. Pay close attention.

Also have a friend edit because sometimes it’s hard to spot mistakes because you are so close to the subject.

Doing this, you’ll notice how quick you can create a success and money making book.

Please leave a comment what you though of this below!


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13 Responses to “How To Write A Book: Rapid Book Creation | Five Fast Steps”

  1. mihg says:

    I always wanted to write a book, but with the withe page panic flying around my head was basically impossible to start or advance.

    As to write fiction, the steps presented here show me a easy way to start a book that have the ability to reach the hart and minds of the readers. As passionate reader, I found that is true, we, the readers, always search in the story the door, the solution to our problems, fears, or just feel that we are not alone with our problems.

    I am exited to start, and I think the five steps could be functional even t write poetry.

    Wish me good look!

    • Hey,
      Sometimes it’s difficult to start writing but all you have to do is to make a first step and for sure you have a long way to go.
      I’m glad you found this very helpful and all you have to do is to follow it step by step and you can’t get wrong with it.
      Good luck :)

      –Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

  2. Blessie D. says:

    The post makes me want to write another paper – well, with no topic yet in mind.
    As a fresh graduate and a research enthusiast, the question “How to write a book” is just like asking, “how to write a Good Research Paper.” All the steps cited really does apply in research writing.
    But I do have one dilemma, I always find the first step-the brainstorming-for-topics part, as the most tricky and challenging one.
    Topics and ideas can be found any time and anywhere. But the eureka moments of finding the best topic, with social relevance that is, is not something that you can have everyday.
    But then again, the five steps revived my interest in writing. I just hope I can get over with my writer’s dilemma to be able to move forward to the second, third, fourth, and fifth steps.

  3. I found it useful. I was trying to write a book but couldn’t finish. I was at a loss. But this gives me a new confidence. Thank you a lot.

    • You’re welcome.
      If you failed to finish your book before, then NOW is the time to pursue it.
      I know you can do it provided with all the things you learned from “5 Steps To Finish A Book”.
      Good luck.

      –Lane Cabillar
      Alex Albright’s Support Staff

  4. Laica says:

    This is awesome. I was once a frustrated writer and until now, I am one one of them. Seriously!

    I have a dilemma on how to write a book. And it’s really hard for me every time I try to start because I don’t have steps to follow. I don’t have guidelines. Even sometimes I search on Google they will just gave me a technical and hard to follow rules on how to write a book.

    But these five steps is definitely different from other articles I’ve read. This is easy to follow and straight to the point. I can use it. It’s really a great use!

  5. shahariar romel says:

    i was planning to write a book from many days.but there were some lacking.something was missing.but after reading these article and simple steps i am so inspired now.these steps gives me new ideas i never thought before.thanks to the author for these simple steps.

  6. Ricky says:

    This is an insightful step by step guide on how to write a book. The layout is in order where as, It shows that you first pick your topic, figure out your intended audience, find your solution to the problem at hand, create an outline and format & proofread.

  7. Sheena says:

    I definitely love this blog. It teaches so much and in a simple way. I’m so excited to follow these steps and put it into writing! Thanks for always giving us a wonderful guide!

  8. Abdul Kader says:

    This post is really very effective. The steps you have written in your ‘how to write a book’ post are very good and helpful. It will help anyone in writing a book. Thank you so much for this post.

  9. Charlotte says:

    I really like your write and finish a book in 5 steps, its simple, precise and straight to the point and i feel this is what i need for my new cookery book. I feel that I have been given the basis to start to write a book, as explained in your article that a book can be a resolution to a problem and can be a solution to lots of customers! Thanks Alex, Will definitely recommend this site to anyone else interested in how to write a book, really helpful and resourceful!

  10. Guillermo says:

    Alex, thank you, it is very usefull all this knowledge. You transmit in a clear and easy way. Congratulation because of your work! This webpage inspired to write, to make our dreams come true and to express the best in as.
    kind regards

  11. Mark says:

    Hey thank you Alex. Clear and helpful steps. I am writing a book on counseling. I do counseling on health, relationships, and emotions. This will be my first book as I want to have some to leverage my time instead of always doing consulting sessions. Looking forward to your help. It’s very appreciated.

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