How I (Alex Albright) Figured Out To Write Profitable And Successful Books, How You Can Write Your Own Book, And Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Me…

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Alex Albright

Hey it’s Alex Albright here,

If you’re looking to write a successful and profitable book you’re in luck.

I’ve spent years and years trying to write a book that are actually successful and profitable.

Hopefully you can read this and save years off writing your own successful and profitable book.

First I have to tell you…


I Didn’t Grow Up With ANY Natural Writing Ability

In fact, if you would of looked at me in the past and said “your going to write a book and people are going to come and pay you for it.”

I would of said “yeah right.”

In the beginning I didn’t take ANY action. I thought about it all day. all the money I was going to make. My lifestyle, the house and car, the vacations, never have to work again, I’d help people, and make money 24/7

The thing was, I didn’t think I had any good ideas. Or people would really pay for my book? Or who was I to write a book? And to say the least I was BAD at writing. Well not bad. I was beyond HORRIBLE.

Imagine this, in high school I would sit next to my mom and she would write my papers for me because I couldn’t even get myself to do it.

Finally I Decided I HAD To Write A Book And Make This Happen

Working everyday.

My boring repetitive 9 to 5 job.

Feeling like it was a never ending trap that I couldn’t escape.

Being told when to work, when to eat, and when to take my breaks.

Honestly, I Was Unhappy, Depressed, And Was Making Minimum Wage

Something INSIDE of me knew that had to be more than this.

There had to be another way to make MONEY more EASILY and with less effort (and a LOT more of it).

BOTTOM LINE: I didn’t want to TRADE time for money anymore.

I realized that writing books and creating information products was a growing trend and people wanted more and more information.

So even thought I felt like I had nothing important to say, and as bad as writing as I was, I took action and started writing my book.

I started to listen to personal development and got all JACKED up and started writing. I was like yeah “go Alex Albright

And after a few day I had random notes and word files on my all over my computer. Scrap-paper. Word documents. Notebooks, and anywhere I could find to record my thoughts.

Everything was about DIFFERENT stuff. I didn’t know where one idea started and another one ended.

It Was BAD

Very soon I felt VERY overwhelmed. Confused. And more hopeless than before.

BOTTOM LINE: I felt like I just couldn’t get what I had to say out of my head and in a way that was organized and made sense.


I said to myself with overwhelmed and frustration.

“I’m not a writer, I’m going to OUTSOURCE it.”

I’ll send send my “notes” to SOMEONE ELSE and they’ll finish my book and do the work for me (while I sit comfortably and not worry about it).

So I found a writer and we agreed on 300 dollars for him to write and finish my book.

I gave him $150 upfront. We started working on it. He was excited to work with Alex Albright.

Over the next few days and weeks, I would tell him what I wanted and how I got the results my readers wanted.

Afterword’s, he’d send me back what he had written so far.

Was The Book Good He Sent Me?


It was NOT what I envisioned.

In fact it was the OPPOSITE. He didn’t understand my target customer. He didn’t understand the conversational tone of the message.

To be honest his writing was BORING.

And This Was Supposed To Be A PROFESSIONAL Writer!

Honestly, I had some irrational fantasy that he could take what I had in my head and turn into my money-making book.

Worked with him a couple more weeks then one day I couldn’t get a hold of him.

I tried and tried to get a hold of him…

And no answer…

My Writer, Book, And Money Were Gone, But Left Behind Were Priceless Lessons That I Used To Finish My book

I learned a valuable lesson worth way more than 150$ that I never saw again

You see, as I was telling him what to write in my book… I was virtually writing my book

It seemed a lot easier writing when I was talking to ONE person.

Just like I was heading over to my friends house and talking to them.

I Realized I Had To Be The One To Write My Book

Although there were still some pieces missing about organizing my book.

So I started on a new path searching for everything I could find on on “how-to” write a book.

First, I went to my local library and got about 7 books on how to write a book

Then I started searching online, reading articles and buying programs.

I even got coaching sessions on how to write a book which was good because the coach helped me get out what I already knew.

Not Saying All The Books And Coaching Was Bad, But Nothing Really Clicked For Me

So I took a little bit of each, mixed what was working, and through out what didn’t work.

And FINALLY I finished my book.

What a glorious day that was.

Feeling that it was a weight lifted of my shoulders, and i had this sense of pride and accomplishment that i took the knowledge out of my head and wrote a real book.

I wanted to start making money immediately. So I quickly Googled “how to set up a free website.” Learned how. And had it in the next hour.

With excitement, I made and put up free PayPal account on my site and wrote a quick message about my book on my site.

On a mission, I figured out how to put an ad on Google so potential customer would come to my site.

And In A Few Hours I Had My Book Up Online For Everyone To Buy…

Feeling like it was the day before Christmas, I could barely sleep.

Waking up at 7 am in the morning, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster just thinking how many people came to my site

…and how much money I’ve made.

As I walked to my computer, the day dreams of the house on the beach, the tropical vacations, and fast sports cars felt so close…

Opening up my computer, i checked my site and realized that I got 129 visitors to my website in less than 12h.

As my heart was racing…

I Opened My Account To See All The Money I Made …Except There Was No Money


No one had bought my book.

As the excitement was gone and left with disappointment i thought to myself “maybe it just takes time”

The next day, i got over 150 people more people to my site again.

Still – no one bought my book.

I checked again the third day… more people… no one bought.

I felt frustrated, disappointed and destroyed that I’ve put all this hard work in, and i didn’t helped anyone… or make any money

Actually at this point I had LOST money… I spend over 200 dollars on advertising with NO sales.

Something Had To Be Wrong

Knowing I had information and the answers they wanted but WHY was no one buying?

I thought “it’s got to be the marketing.”

So I went back to the drawing board and realized it was another big skill i had to master. I spent over a year trying to put all the pieces together on how to market online

My plan at the time was just to use all the influence factors and techniques so that people would buy that automatically.

So did this work?


Still, no one bough my book and made no money (at this point I’ve actually lost over a thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing courses)

Then one day it all changed.

I was listening to a marketing tape from Dan Kennedy and I heard something that changed my life and my income.

He said…

“The Best Marketing Is Really Just A Good Product”

And in this case, a good book

Well I though my book was good …

To me.

And then it clicked I had to make it good for them, my customer.

And they aren’t in the same reality as me.

So I’ve asked myself “what do they see as a good book?”

What do they value?

What makes them buy?

And with NEW questions I got NEW answers.

It Was Like I Was Doing It BACKWARDS The Whole Time

It was like I was trying to dress up a pig (trying to make something that it’s ugly into something pretty).

And that’s what most people are doing.

Most people that write a book say “I know what you like, what you need”

And it’s not what the customers want

And the customers can INSTANTLY tell that it wasn’t created from their perspective

Even though I was about to give up with frustration and say “this doesn’t work”, 

I Decided To Give It One More Try With These New “Techniques And Tools” That I Learned

So I went back to the drawing board AGAIN to create a really good book from my customers view.


Easuer than I thought, I found people that potentially wanted to buy my book and asked them what they wanted to learn (VERY profitable lesson here).

I figured out their goals and what they wanted. And what their challenges and frustrations were.

And realized it was actually different than what I thought. In fact sometimes completely opposite.

I Rewrote My Book With The “Marketing” INSIDE The Book And Wrote A New Sales Letter Doing Something Different… I Didn’t Do Any Selling

No cheesy “buy now” selling.

I just EXPLAINED what was already inside book…

Trying to tune-out the voice in my head saying “this really doesn’t work” and the thoughts of other people telling me “nobody buys books with people without college degrees on the topic ”I turned my ads on Google back on (that i recently turned off because i was loosing to much money).

Then went to sleep.

Waking up with a nervous feeling in my stomach, I checked my PayPal account.

This time something was DIFFERENT.

Someone Finally Bought A Copy Of My Book… And That Was Just The Start

Then the next few days, I got another sale.

Then another and so on. Some day multiply sales in the same day. And they kept on coming on auto-pilot.

Most days I would wake and have more money in my account. This had to be something.

But I thought to myself “could this really be possible?”

Taking something from my head and turning it into money.

The people buying the book and the money in my account made me realize that this is REAL.

And the underlying principle the whole time was just find what people were ALREADY looking for and create it for them.

I Had To TEST This And See If This Worked In Other Markets And Topics

So I did the same thing in other markets, like dating advice, time management, business, marketing, learning, video games etc.

And sure enough with the same mindset, tools, and strategies I got the same money-making results.

Then a few of my friends started asking me “how are you making all this money?” So I thought “could this really work for others too?”

So I started working with them.

And right away I got a huge insight.

At First People I Began Teaching To Write Their Book Were Skeptical Because It Seemed So Far Out Of Their Reach… And Here’s Why

We would be talking about their knowledge and experiences, and I would say “people would pay a lot of money for that information you already have if you write a book or make some sort of informational product they can buy”

And they would say “I don’t know, it’s pretty easy and simple what I know.”

And that’s when I got the MASSIVE insight.

It’s Hard To See Our Own Strengths, Experiences, And Knowledge As Valuable Because They’re Ours…

They come easier for us.

We take them for granted.

Or we forgot what it was like when we were at a point where we knew nothing about the subject.

Some people still just couldn’t see it and said “NO”.

Now Some People Said “Okay, I’ll Try To Write A Book On It And See What Happens”

I showed them what I had learned and how to write a book.

I helped them find the right customer: what the customer really wanted and desired and what they didn’t want.

We worked on creating the right package so the customer sees it as valuable and communicated in a way that CANNOT be misunderstood

Then, we made titles and techniques within the book so that people were automatically motivated to buy the book.

Just like I had to do at one point, I had to help each person OVERCOME their own blocks and stories “why it couldn’t be done”

Overall, With The Right Education And Right Actions, They Finished Their Book, Put It Up Online, And Made Money

And most of them are STILL making money to this day on autopilot. 

Using this education of systems, techniques, and methods with myself and others I kept refining and improving the system over and over again…

Now I’m at the point we’re I can literally almost teach anyone (I can’t help people that don’t want to be helped) to take what the already know and turn into a book people actually buy.

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

As you already know quite well, there are a lot of people running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers.

Well, unfortunately for you, I don’t have ALL the answers.

But I do believe that I have SOME of the answers (and I think the answers I have are pretty important).

The question you’re probably asking is “Why should I believe what Alex A. says?”.

And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me.

In Fact, I Would Recommend That You Approach My Materials With A Healthy Skepticism, And A “Scientific” Perspective

I want you to TRY what you learn from me.

You’ll find that I’m not interested in things that don’t work.

I like stuff that gets results. And BIG results, at that.

Only after you’ve seen that this stuff is REAL… do I want you to “believe” me.

Also, I want you to EXPERIENCE first hand before any investments take place.

I want to give you some of my training away for free.

If you like it. Awesome.

If not, no big deal. no obligation.

To TEST out some of my material yourself.

I’ll Give You Some Of My Best Book Writing Training Right Now For Free…

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Your Friend,

Alex Albright


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