Alex Albright Book Blueprint Reviews Revealed

Here are some Book Blueprint reviews for Alex Albright’s book blueprint program:


Today I actually went on it! I have listened to the ‘Write A Title’ lesson and I must say I am really very surprised at the content.Yesterday I looked at my PDFs to see which book was nearest the finishing line and today I am in the process of writing a catchy title, and I think it will work.Thank you so much.What I will say is that your emails and adverts and things in no way show the quality or quantity of the content of your website.Thank you very much indeed, once more.


Hey Alex, what I liked, and I can tell, is your setting up my book to be successful. I can tell you are looking at the whole big picture. I can use what I am learning in the program, not only to write and finish my book, but to also market it. I have never seen anything like this. For years I had been searching for a framework to organize my ideas so I could write a book. And it wasn’t until I came across your video did I find what I was looking for.

Devette Stewart


Alex, thank you very much for creating the Book Blueprint Program. That is precisely what I was searching and looking for. Finally I can put all the pieces together after watching these videos. I had been searching and searching and reading material, watching DVDs and articles, among others. Your information makes a lot of sense, it is clear, specific, and comprehensible to everybody who wants to write a book and not get so stressed out by not knowing the right path. Again, thank you very much.

– Maryann Goswami

I started out with all these great ideas in my head. The challenge was that I could not get them out of my head. The single biggest thing in your program that helped me was taking the ideas out of my head and turning them into a real book. Thank you so much, Alex!
– Steve Sprink

Hey Alex you’re wonderful! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about how to organize and start the writing process for my book but your program made it easy for me to figure out! Sending you a big thank you hug over the web. :)

– Chelsea Young

This video (along with the first two videos) are the most appropriate and detailed discussion in pre-planning in organizing & writing your very first book. In all honesty, I haven’t ever encountered these procedures even during my postgraduate years … I mean these videos are so straight to the point and elaborate. Keep up it up, I appreciate your work!

– Alex Massinan

Alex, I found your Book Blueprint Program to be most inviting in terms of its simplicity and conciseness. I have tried looking up steps to writing books on the internet but I soon lose interest because there is too much content. The way this video is put together with the simple steps and the simplicity of the visuals got me stirred to want to go to work on my book. The audience participation was great, as most presenters neglect to do this.

– Matt Flemming

This [Book Blueprint Program] is the most amazing and highly informative course I have ever seen on this topic. Really, it organizes nicely as well as creatively. Many people can write well and have knowledge how to write, but not have a proper idea about how to organize a book. This course will definitely help those who have a lack of organizing their book. I really appreciate this course and I hope telling of my experience will help the marketing of your books. Thanks.

– Danna Mockavich

Hey Alex! Your Book Blueprint program saved me! I will definitely be able to organize the book I’m preparing for my business which I had been doing for some time now. Surely, when I’m finished with it. I will not only help my customers but also increase exposure of my business through my books. More exposure, more customers, more earnings for me … lol! Thanks! I’ll be watching out for more of the program later today.

– David Grather

Hey Alex! I really want to thank you for that video! I am only 20 and I was thinking the whole time that I am very young to write a good book. But after watching this video I totally changed my mind! You are right, I shouldn’t let more time pass. I have a great story in my mind, so why not? I am starting writing my book now! :)

Thank you very much! Your steps and website are going to help me a LOT!

– Jarred Guy


Many thanks to you Alex! It’s incredible that I am in this most desired blueprint program . I lack words to express my thanks and appreciations towards your goodness, towards the greatest forever smile YOU just added to my face. May the LORD continue to bless you and give you more wisdom and understanding and commitment to continue helping others and doing good to others. Once again, thank you very much.

Christine Follwers



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