Book-Writing Tip: Writing less = Writing More; Here’s How (and why)

This book-writing tip is on “How do you increase your productivity when writing a book” or “How do you write a book faster?” That’s what you are going to learn in this new video. Because productivity = leverage. You can get your book done faster, be able to make more money, help more people, and have more power, influence and control in your life.

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So remember, the answer is WRITING LESS.

If we keep on writing with no breaks, we can burn ourselves out and be less effective and productive.

When we take a break, we can renew and recharge our energy and come back more productive.

Plus taking a break lets our mind work on new creative ideas.

Just think about it. Where and when do you usually have your best ideas?

Is it when you are sitting at a computer and forcing yourself to think of ideas and write?

Or is it when you are going for a walk, exercising, showering, driving?

Whenever, test this out as soon as you can. Don’t believe me? Test this for yourself and see if your productivity increases.

From my experience and others, it does.

So how can you MAKE SURE you take break.

– Can you write it on a sticky note right now so you have to look at it (like, stick it on you computer or something)?

– Can you set an alarm to remind yourself to take breaks?

Test this out now and let me know what happens :)