WARNING: This may be the most powerful technique to write a book that “writes itself” and “sells itself” for you… For FREE.

…And your about to learn how to do it in about 5 minutes.

It’s called “daily content creation” and it gives you the power to write a book that people actually want to buy, all by setting up a blog and making daily posts.

Here are a few terms you need to know before we get started.

“Content” is the general word that is used online to describe articles, videos, interviews, and in this case blog posts.

A “book” is just a bunch of content pieced together and “sells itself”  is one that people are already looking for solutions and you write one for them. We’ll go into more detail about these 3 things and you’ll learn how they all fit together as you read on.

Now, why is setting up a blog and creating a daily post so powerful?

1) It forces you to write a complete concept.

You have the title.

Then about 300-400 words to explain the concept.

And maybe some action steps.

Making it a complete concept, idea, or technique.

2) Instant feedback on your writing.

You’ll get instant feedback on writing and what people like. You can see instantly which blog posts people are reading, how long they stay reading it, and their comments.

And the ones people are reading and leaving comments… guess what? Those are the stuff people want to learn more about.

So you can get real time feedback.

And that’s really how we humans learn. The longer the time we get feedback, the slower we learn.

For example, only about 25 years ago, you’d write a book for a couple months. Then go out and promote your book even longer. And in most cases it doesn’t work.

Now, you can write real time and get instant feedback.

3) You can build a community, relationship, and attract qualified targeted audience for free.

As you write your posts, Google will automatically send you people who are searching for what you are writing about.

These readers are going to come to your blog and some will comment on what they like and what they want to learn. And then you’ll write about it.

You’ll learn about them and they’ll learn about you, thus creating a relationship. As people interact on your blog, you’ll create your own little community.

4) Easy to post each day and create a habit.

It’s quick and easy, and you’ll get better each day.

Like Einstein said, “the most powerful thing in the world is the compound effect.”

You don’t just get better each day. You get better at geometrical proportions.

5) The blog posts vitally writes your book for you.

Each blog post is virtually writing your book for you. Then all you have to do is “put the pieces together” so to speak.

What blog posts go together in chapters and what chapters go into sections as an example.

6) Already have a targeted platform money- making machine

Then, you use your blog that’s already getting targeted and qualified raving fan readers who already like you and you also know what they like to sell your book.

You think they’ll buy it?

Yeah, because you know what they like.

And what do they want to buy?

Yes, of course, what they like.

So here’s the simple equation: real time writing and feedback + automatic platform to promote book = A book that writes and sells itself.

But here’s the part that most people don’t do…

They don’t do it.

They’ll understand it. They’ll think about it. They know all the great benefits and still never do it.

Some even start then stop when seeing no “instant” results.

So if you are worried about competition, you’re right, you don’t have to. Because most competition isn’t. Meaning most people don’t take action.

So how do help yourself do it?

Well part of the formula is to get connected to your ‘why’ or purpose. You can read about and find yours by clicking here: the fuel to write your book daily – five reasons why

And the other part of the formula to get yourself to do is to create a habit.

First, set up the blog.

Then, create a habit of writing one new post daily.

It takes about 15-20 minutes a day to write a single blog post.

Then at the end of 30-90 days you can take your best blog posts and combine them into a book.

Put them together in a word document, hit “save as PDF”, and you just created your own book.

And you have the website to sell it on with an audience who ALREADY like and trust you and are looking for what you have to offer.

Can it be any easier?

We’re going to get started with 2 steps.

1) Set up your blog.

2) Leave a comment below what your new habit is going to be.

That way you’ll have your blog set up and be accountable to taking the action you need to get the benefits you want. “Throwing you hat over the fence” so to speak. So, you have to go over the fence to get it. And even though the fence may be high and scary, that’s where all the benefits are.

Sounds good?

You may expect some resistance, it’s okay. I don’t think we are really wired for changes and creating new habits. Plus, we have all this unconscious fear stopping us. So let’s throw that all to the side and be like Nike commercial and “just do it.”

You’ll notice that it will get easier and faster with every post. You’ll notice how quickly you can write a book maybe without even noticing. You’ll create fans and have a new feeling on helping people and writing a book that makes you money.

Follow these 3 steps to set up your blog up. Then follow the next 4 steps to write your first post.

Step 1) Go to wordpress.com and and click the button that says “get started here”.


Step 2) Fill in whatever you want the address or domain to be: XXX.wordpress.com. For example “howtoswim.wordpress.com.”Then click “create blog. –>”



Step 3) Activate your blog by going to your email.



Blog’s up! Write your first post


Step 1) Click on “posts”- second one down on your left hand column.



Step 2) Click on “add new”.

Step 3) Write your blog posts.

Next steps you don’t have to do in order…

step 3.1) Write a compelling blog post title that will draw readers in.

For example : Get X : 3 steps formula

The secrets of getting X

Why most people who do X fail X

X = what your reader wants


Step 3.2) Motivate your readers to read the post.

You might want to motivate them to read by giving them the “why”.

If you learn and use what you’re about to read you’ll get X faster, easier, without stress (the things they want).

If you learn and use what your about to read you’ll avoid… failure, wasted time, energy, (the things they don’t want).


Step 3.3)  Write the body.

In the body you can give the “what”.

How did you figure out what you just found out?

What research is there to back this up?

What’s a success story?

What’s an analogy or metaphor (link this up to something they already know and you’ll create insight).


Step 3.4) Give the “how to” or action step if any.

How do they do this?

What steps do they need to take?


Step 3.5) Summarize and give the “what if”.

What potential problems will come up?

What will I start to notice? (the main benefits)


step 4) Hit the “publish” button.


And before you know it you created your own post and money making machine.

Using this framework “why, what, how, what if” by David Kolbe you’ll make your blog posts far more valuable, because most people don’t know how to communicate like you just did.

This might be hard at first and you may feel some resistance, but that’s okay. Soon this will become a habit and become easier, faster, and better.

And you may start to enjoy writing new concepts and the feeling of contribution just like when someone comes to your blog and  says “thank you for writing this for me” on your comments.

And you’ll write a book ten times faster than most people. And your chances of having your book be profitable are probably 100 times more likely than most people.

Also, remember to leave a comment below with your new blog so you can inspire other to do the same thing. Because as Marianne Williamson said, “when you let your light shine you unconsciously give others permission to do the same thing.”

Creating a better world and making a lasting difference.