How To Start A Book And Make Sure You FINISH Your Book

So You Reap All The Rewards That Come From A Finished Book … Like Expert Status, Influence, Income, And Making An Impact On The World

“How to start a book?” is a great question. There are certain ways to start writing a book that most people don’t know about.

And if you learn how to start a book, and finish it, you’ll be able to FINISH your book in no time.

Start Writing A Book: “The 3 Ways”

There are usually 3 ways people take on to start writing their book.

#1: They set a goal:

This is the most traditional way to get started. We set a goal to start and finish our book.

#2:They want to solve a problem:

Bob Beil wrote an amazing book called “Stop Setting Goals If You’d Rather Solve Problems.” He figured out that most people actually don’t like to set goals. They’d rather solve problems.

#2: Make it inevitable:

So it HAS to happen.

So there are goals. Most people have been conditioned that they won’t meet their goals.

Then, there’s problem solving. Some people really like to solve problems. So the problem is that you don’t have a finished book. So you would need to start to write a book, and finish it.

Then third, you can do what I call “making it inevitable” so it has to happen.

For example, why do we all eat? Because we HAVE to.

Why do most people NOT start their book?

Because they DON’T have to.

You follow?

We have a NATURAL motivation strategy of doing things we HAVE to do.

So the question is, how can you make finishing your book a “have to”?

I’ve created this video to jump start your mind on this concept and give you a few key ways to help you start your book, and most importantly finish your book.

How To Start A Book [Leaked Info How To Start A Book And Finish It] Click The Play Button To Watch


So what did you think of this simple yet very technique?

And how are you going to making starting your book and finishing your book enviable?

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