In this “when writing a book increase focus and productivity formula”, the question is how do you stay focused and productive when writing a book?

You’re going to learn exactly how in 2 steps. You’ll also learn how to create a laser- like focus when writing a book for MAXIMUM productivity. That way when writing a book, you can get it done faster and easier than you ever thought of. So, you can start helping the people you want, making the income that you want 24/7 , and be able to have more power and influence in your life.

If you don’t learn to stay focused when writing a book, it can take at least TWICE as long. You won’t help as many people. Won’t make the income you want. And lose power and influence in your life.

Now, there are 2 main components of what I call FORMULA to stay focused when writing a book.

First, the genesis of focus is having an OUTCOME. Like what Steven Covey say in his book , “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, start with the END in mind.

Make sure you have an ultimate outcome. For example, “finish my book in 30 days.”  Then a “sub-outcome.” Such as write for 60 minutes. Or write a chapter or half of it per day.

That way, your brain has something to latch on to. This radically increases your focus and productivity.

Most people have no idea what their outcome is or what they want.

What are your chances of getting what you want without really knowing what you want?


And NOT knowing your outcome leaves your predator to the enemy of focus and productivity: interruption.

So this second thing may be even more important when writing a book .

The right environment.

What does this mean?

It means having an environment that supports creative, focused, and productive writing.

This means a safe place that is FREE from distractions. For example at a library where people keep walking by. It can be a distraction. Or if you’re at your computer and have your email open or instant messaging on. Or if you have your cell phone nearby. That can be very distracting and costly when writing a book.

Studies show that after interruptions, it can take a person up to 20 minutes to get refocused.

Has that ever happen to you? You’re really focused cranking away when writing a book, then something grabs your attention and it’s hard to get back on track.

It’s like this: Have you ever been in a really good conversation, then someone comes and interrupts and asks you a question? You think about the question and answer it. Then, you totally forgot what you were talking about. I know I have done that… many times…

In the book, “Effective Executive” Peter Drucker said that the key to productivity is working in blocks of uninterrupted time.

So combining knowing the outcome you want (big and small), combined with working  in uninterrupted blocks by creating the right environment results in massive productivity when writing a book.

Now, how can you use these 2 concepts together in a formula for massive productivity.

Using this, you’ll start to notice you’ll get much more done and much more productive. Use and answer these two questions below to start being more productive right now.

Question 1) What’s your SPECIFIC outcome?

Question 2) How can you make your environment distraction FREE?

If you do this you’ll start to notice you’ll write a lot more and be more productive when writing a book.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this.

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