How To Instantly Get A Free Marketing Review By Me Personally Free Publicity

Post you a comment about your book and link to your book in the comment RIGHT BELOW this blog post.

If you do, later this very week, I’m going to review your book, and help you optimize it to get more sales and help more people (there’s always a way to increase this).

Plus, thousands and thousands of writers and readers read this blog and subscribed to my newsletters. And I can almost guarantee 90% of people that come to this post will read the comments – and there for read about your book and check it out.


Why Am I Giving Away Free Marketing Review + Publicity?

Mainly, because my main mission is life is to help people share their message.

Now, by you posting your book and link below, it will help my mission in two main ways;

#1: I can understand you better.

I can understand what kind of books you write, how you describe your book, a lot.

The more I know about you, the more I can help you.

Plus, I want to always be learning how I can help others not just write and finish their book, also to market it as well (DUAL powerful combo; creation + marketing)

#2: I am instantly helping you get more publicity to share your message and make more sales.

At the same time, I am pursing my mission to help you share your message with the world (because others will see your comment below).

It’s really a win-win for both of us.

Now what are you waiting for?

Post a very quick  description (1 or 2 sentences) and with a LINK below to you book now.


Not Finished With Your Book?

I have something for you as well…

If you are not finished with your book… then POST BELOW what your book is about, and more importantly, WHEN you’re going to finish it by (the exact date).

You see, one of the greatest powers to finishing your book is accountability. The more accountability, the more likely you will finish your book. Without accountability we can always rationalize to ourselves…

So get accountability with us now. Right what your book is going to be about, and WHEN you are going to have finished.

For extra credit write WHY you MUST finish it (trust me this is helping you so much).


So post about your book and a link if it’s done now. I will review your book marketing, description, tile etc. all with the outcome to help your book get MORE SALES.

Plus, I am sure a lot of other writers will be interested in seeing your book as well, and before you know it, new opportunities may be right at your door.

Can’t wait to see and help you with your book,

– Alex Albright


Few Other Important Things:

  • If you have more then one book, please only post ONE of them. Choose your best book that you want me to review and others to see. 
  • Please share and like this if you can. Also motivates me to more when I get more likes and shares :) 
  • All you have to is basically post the link to your book below and I will review your book and “marketing”.  Should take 30 seconds max to post below.
  • If you don’t have your book finished, post when you finish it by and why you must finish it.


←——————————–BLOG POST UPDATE———————————–>

 Above is what I originally posted. I created a video about 3 of the reviews that were submitted in the comments and I made it into a quick, but very powerful, training video for you.

You can still leave a comment about your book, and I or my staff will review your book as soon as we can.

I ALMOST FORGOT: the “commitments” to getting your book done if you posted one were really amazing and inspirational.

What’s the best way to climb a fence?

By throwing your hat over the fence!

So awesome job, keep making public commitments (just like I did, saying I will give feedback, and now I am) – that’s one of the best ways I know to accomplish new goals like finishing and promoting your book so it makes the success inevitable. So keep leaving comments about what you’re going to do on our blog – VERY powerful.


Okay back to the REVIEWS – I posted the video below.

Here’s a FEW things you’ll learn in this video:

  • The TWO KEY areas to focus on to get more book sales.
  • Quotes from famous authors like Tony Robbins that will help you get the most book sales.
  • How to rank higher on amazon with simple changes that take less than five minutes.
  • Case studies of books with little to no sales and books with over 100’s of sales – let’s compare them and identify how get more sales now.
  • And much much more…

Just click the “play” button to begin watching it.

Self Publishing Secrets: How To Optimize Your Book For A Flood Of Sales

So what did you think?

Leave your “big insight” on what you learned AND how you are going to use this to get more book sales in the comments on this blog post on on the YouTube Video.

I hope you got a lot of value out of these self publishing secrets – and you use them to get more sales and help more people.