Why People Buy Books?

why people buy books

why do people buy books

why do people buy books?

Why do people buy books?

It’s an INTERESTING and PROFITABLE question….

Because if you know why people buy books, you can set yourself to MAKE SURE people buy your books, and you make the income, influence, and impact you want.

You MUST learn this when you want to wright a book that sells!

You see the thing is, most people do NOT know why people buy books. And then no one buys there book and they wonder why.

Here How To Learn Why People Buy Books In 3 Steps

#1: Watch this quick video below:

#2: View the reason why people buy books (BELOW VIDEO):

#3: Ask the questions “why are people going to buy your book?” (you’ll learn the specific questions in the video)

Here’s the video for the big picture of the question why do people people buy books:


49 Other Proven Reasons Why People Buy Books

The more you can incorporate these reason why people buy books when writing a book, the easier and more people will buy your book.

So let’s get to it. Study and use these 50 reason why people buy books if you want people to buy your book.

# 1: To become more efficient – because efficiency saves time. And efficient leads to be more productive, a promotion, more money, higher status. Books like “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker and “The Power Of Full engagement has each sold over millions of copies of there book. Help them become more efficient and they might just buy your book.

# 2: To get friendship – To give as a gift to show friendship. Or learn how to create friendships. The book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” is still a TOP seller to this very day and was written over 50 years ago!

# 3: To avoid effort – Nobody wants to work hard… We all want quick easy fixes. if you can give them “short-cuts’ they’ll buy your book.

# 4: To escape or avoid pain – Almost everything we do is to avoid pain and is a huge motivator to buy a book.

# 5: To protect their possessions – because they worked hard to get them and people will do more to protect from lose then they’ll ever do to gain something new. Fear of loss is a HUGE motivator. Think of all the “sale end today”. Why do they do that… because it works.

# 6: To be in style – because well, few people enjoy being out of style.

# 7: To avoid trouble – because trouble is never a joy and only leads to bad things.

# 8: To access opportunities – because they open the doors to good things.

# 9: To express love – one of the noblest reasons to make any purchase. Love is a human need. From birth as humans we need love to survive.

# 10: To be entertained – because entertainment is usually fun. And now a days we love entertainment more then ever.

# 11: To be organized – because order makes lives simpler and more effective.

# 13: To feel safe – because security is a basic human NEED (remember Aberham Maslows hicharey of needs…)

# 14: To protect their family – tapping into another basic human need. It’s hard wired.

# 15: To emulate others – because the world has MANY role modles of things we want. And we think if we can be like them we can get the same things. And in most cases it true. “Success leaves clues” as Tony Robbins says. If ONE person can do it, so can another.

# 16: To protect their reputation – because they worked hard to build it. And we unconsciously want people to think highly of us and like us.

# 17: To feel superior – which is why status symbols are sought after. Cars. Fancy houses. Money. High status jobs.

# 18: To be trendy – because they know their friends will notice. We want love, acceptance, and attention.

# 19: To be excited – because people need excitement in a humdrum life

# 20: To make more money – who doesn’t want more money? Can’t solve all of life problems but can sure help… (hint: this one is big…)

# 21: To become more comfortable, even a bit more. We are “comfort-seeking” animals. We love our comfort zone…

# 22: To attract praise – because almost everybody loves it.

# 23: To increase enjoyment – of life, of business, of virtually anything.

# 24: To possess things of beauty – because they nourish the soul… and kepp up with the “Jones’s”.

# 25: To avoid criticism – which nobody wants.

# 26: To make their work easier – a constant need to many people.

# 27: To speed up their work – because people know that time is precious.

# 28: To keep up with the Joneses – there are Joneses in everybody’s lives.

# 29: To pursue a hobby – because have passions. And will PAY to pursue them.

# 30: To look younger – due to the reverence placed upon youthfulness, people want to look young. Especially women.

# 31: To FEEL younger – because that equates with vitality and energy. Without energy… life is pretty dull and boring…

# 32: To conserve energy – their own or their planet’s sources of energy.

# 33: To be accepted – because that means security as well as love.

# 34: To save time — because they know time is more valuable than money.

# 35: To become more fit and healthy — seems to me that’s an easy sale. This is a big issue right now as MANY people are over weight.

# 36: To attract the opposite sex – never undermine the power of love (and human nature).

# 37: To communicate better — because they want to be understood.

# 38: To preserve the environment – giving rise to cause-related marketing.

# 39: To satisfy an impulse – a basic reason behind a multitude of purchases. You ever have that feeling of I just have to have it?

# 40: To save money – the most important reason to a huge percent of the population.

# 41: To be cleaner – because unclean often goes with unhealthy and unloved

# 42: To be popular – because inclusion beats exclusion every time.

# 43: To gratify curiosity — it killed the cat but motivates the sale.

# 44: To satisfy their appetite – because hunger is not a good thing.

# 45: To be individual – because all of us are, and some of us need assurance.

# 46: To escape stress – need I explain?

# 47: To gain convenience – because simplicity makes life easier.

# 48: To be informed – because it’s no joy to be perceived as ignorant.

# 49: To give to others – another way you can nourish your soul.

# 50: To leave a legacy – because that’s a way to live and be remember forever.


As you can see they’re are many reasons why people buy books.

And the more reasons of why people buy books  you can put into your book when writing, the more reasons they’ll have to buy your book, and you’ll make more book sales.

And if you specifically find out what reasons your unique target reader is buying for, you can have the ultimate leverage to help them buy and get the results they want.

Knowing why your customer is buying  your lever to help your readers buy your book. You can say those reasons (in your book) reason(s) over, and over, again, and they’ll love it. Just like our names. We love to here our names.

So again, figure out the reason why people are going to buy your book.

Then ALIGN those reasons into your book so it will help people automatically buy your book.

You’re going to want to also know your USP, how to create a book introduction,  how to create a book conclusion, and how to organize a book.

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