Why Write A Book?

Find Your “Why”  To Write And Finish Your Book So You Can Eliminate Procrastination And Writer’s Block Once And For All

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In this post why write a book, we’re going to discuss the question “why write a book?” And I’ll give you FIVE main reason why to write a book to inspire you to finish your fast.

Knowing the “WHY” behind how to write a book can increase success.

It gives you the FUEL to write and FINISH your book.

Like tony Tony Robbins (best-selling author) says “reasons come FIRST, answer come second.”

Because when you have enough reasons WHY, you can usually find a way, right?

So why write a book?

Here’s five MAIN reasons why write a book from my perspective,

Why write a book reason one: You can make REAL money and become financially free.

As we grow into what Peter Drucker  calls “the knowledge economy” people want and need more and more knowledge.

People really buy this stuff. The information industry on a whole is $400 BILLION dollar a year market.

Possibly, even your book. So instead of trading time for money (like a regular job). You can write and finish your book, and trade your book for money.

And literally make sales 24/7. Even while you sleep.

Why write a book reason two: You can use the money you make to do or have the things you want.  Like a new house on the beach, sports car, tropical vacations, afford your kids college, and much more… It’s not just about the money – it’s what you can DO and HAVE with the money from writing a book.

Why write a book reason three: Writing a book is the quickest way I know to INSTANTLY have more status and become the expert in your field.. You become the expert, athority, go-to-person on the topic. You’ll automatically have more power, influence, and respect in the world. This will increase the customer that buy from you. And open new doors to you, like new books, speaking engagements, and much more you may have never thought about.

Why write a book reason four: You’ll be able to attract the kinds of people you want in your life. Weather it be a like minded goal-oriented person. Or a member of the opposite sex you want to attract.

I’ve personaly told people I’ve written a book and imeeditaly they are like “wow”.

I’ve attacked HIGHLY ifluencel partners and friends in my life becasue of writing a book.

And you can too.

Why write a book reason five: You can really help people. Make a difference in their life. And in the WORLD. Instead of you going to talk or give a speech… your book shows up. And if it’s written really well it’s sometimes better then you showing up. You can distribute your book across the WORLD within minutes with the advances of the internet.  Once you finish writing your book, if done right, this will happen.

Now you have the “WHY”

I challenge you to find YOUR why.

Post it in the comments and let me know. You’ll motivate yourself. And help motivate others around the world.

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