Exactly How To Double Your Productivity In 90 Days Or Less And Finish Your Book At Least Twice As Fast

As I worked with more and morewriters, I kept asking them, “What’s your biggest challenge when writing your book?

Over and over again – in one shape or another – time management and productivity came up.

And with more demands than ever, this is a KEY area to handle if you want to complete your book.

Most people can’t write a book – not because they don’t know enough but because they can’t find the time.

And the truth is, I was just like that a few years ago.

I would come home from work with low energy and focus and couldn’t write my book. I’d check my email or Facebook and make little or no progress.

I was like a snail on a long journey: going nowhere fast.

And working with more and more people, I realized this is a program I had to create.

That’s Why I Had To Create This Video Training Program Program: Personal Productivity Program

Personal Productivity Formula is the exact time management system I used to double my productivity and physical energy.

If you want an in-depth course that teaches you how to double your productivity FAR beyond the training in the Book Blueprint Program and any course that I’ve ever seen:

  • If you want to get twice as much done in half the time.
  • If you want to finish your book in twice as fast and start making money twice as fast.
  • If you find that there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do.
  • If you do NOT feel like you have as much focus and energy as you need…

Then, you’re going to love Personal Productivity Formula.

Personal Productivity Formula goes far BEYOND the traditional time management programs because it focuses on helping you identify the most important activities in your life and how to do them in the highest form of productivity, NATURALLY.

Let’s have a quick talk about the word OVERWHELM and how to avoid it. You see, our brains have the ability to take something and pull it apart into a million pieces.

On the other hand, it can take something and make it into one giant chunk which is equally overwhelming.

That’s why Personal Productivity Formula is set up in three easy parts with a new section each month for three months.

Month 1 – Physical: Strength And Energy

I think it’s very important to make yourself strong first. If you are not strong enough or don’t have the energy, then you can’t do anything. Period.

So in the first month, we’re going to talk about how to double your physical energy by installing new rituals such as creating a morning success ritual to make yourself strong each day; the right amount of food that gives you most energy; and getting enough sleep.

After installing these new rituals, they will feel natural and you may notice that you’ll be more productive instantly and for a long term.

Month 2: Mental: Career, Money, And Business

Now that you’ll be waking up productive, it’s important to identify the key activities where you make the most progress and returns in your life. There’s only a few that make the difference.

And once you identify what they are, we’ll add a way for you to easily focus on them in blocks of time that will lead to massive productivity and eliminate any procrastination, interruption, and distraction that rob us all of productivity and energy.

After this month, you’ll be twice as productive and have a feeling of long-term fulfillment which comes with the massive progress.

Month 3: Emotional: Rest, Relaxation, And Relationships

If you keep on going, you’re going to burn out. Period. Our bodies need rest. This can be the foundation of productivity. Yet we live in a 24-hour constant world which makes it difficult.

So we’re going to work on

How to take a clean break that will actually lead to getting more done.

How to take time off and install new activities in your life that help RENEW and give you energy.

Plus, how to create or recreate very supportive relationships that can take productivity to a new level.

Once you have this area and the other two working, you will not only live a life of massive progress and productivity, but you’ll also have a feeling that everything’s going to be okay and a long-lasting fulfillment.

With this program, you’ll be able to write your book at least twice as fast, eliminating 90% of stress that may come from day to day life.

The big question: What’s this program going to cost you?

Actually, I want to start with a better question: What’s the VALUE of a program like this one?

First, let’s break down some numbers – and we’re going to stay hyper-realistic here… and we’ll start with one very simple question

How Much Is An Hour of Your Time Worth?

The simple way to calculate it is to take your yearly income, then divide in half, and remove three zeros. If you make $100,000 per year, you’d divide that in half… and get $50,000. Then remove three zeros, and you get $50. Fifty dollars per hour.

So, if you make a $100,000 per year, you make about $50 per hour. If you make $50,000 per year, you make $25 per hour. Get it?

Now, did you calculate your hourly income? Good.

(HINT: It’s far better to do this calculation with the amount of money you WANT to be making. Trust me on this one.)

Next, let’s assume that the Personal Productivity Formula program does NOT perform for you as well as I’m promising… in other words, let’s be “realistic” or “conservative” about it. Instead of DOUBLING your productivity, let’s say that it only gives you back an extra hour of time per day.

If you’re worth $25 per hour, then this gives you $25 per day back in value. Over a month, this will give you over $500 worth of time to invest in other projects, relax, or whatever you want to do with it…

And Over A Year, You Get $6,000 Worth Of Time!

And that only counts WORKING days… like any of us actually only work on stuff five days a week!
The reality is that you will be more productive in EVERY ASPECT OF YOU LIFE.

But let’s stick with our “worst case scenario” of one productive hour per day, and five days per week.

Can you imagine an extra $6,000.00 of productivity? What it would do for your life?

Now, what if the promise I’m making you (and guaranteeing!) actually DOES come true.

What if you CAN actually DOUBLE your productivity with this program – the way so many other people already have?

How much would THAT be worth to you in real dollars and cents? I can just imagine the gears starting to turn in your head!

So now let’s talk about the PRICE of Personal Productivity Formula…

As a “training program” this information is worth thousands of dollars. NO QUESTION.

If I was offering this as a live training, I would charge at least $2,000 for it. Probably more.

But because I can offer this program to you in an online, home-study format, I’m going to make this program available to you at a price that’s ridiculously low… a price that will make it so that literally anyone can afford to take advantage of it.

Instead of charging thousands of dollars for this valuable information and training, I’m going to offer it to you at the low investment of only $97 – TOTAL.

As you can calculate yourself, even if you only get an extra hour per day of time back, this program will pay for itself 10x over in a matter of months.

In fact, it’s likely that this program could be the single best financial investment you’ve ever made in your life (and I’m betting that it will be).

And if the low price of only $97 isn’t enough to convince you, I’m also going to give you the option of paying two easy payments of only $49 each… so that you have literally NO EXCUSE for not taking advantage of this opportunity.

I know it’s a crazy offer. Here’s why I’m doing it… I want everyone to experience the increase in success, productivity, and freedom that comes from learning how to control your time. And now you can do it for a price that’s not only affordable… but also wise.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Personal Productivity Formula Program is covered by my 100% “No Questions & No Hassles” Guarantee.
Register for the program today, and start watching the videos.

Then, watch all of the other training sessions over the next 90 days.

If you get to the end of the program and you aren’t 100% satisfied with your massive increase in productivity, all you have to do is email me and ask for a refund. It’s that simple.

I’ll cheerfully give your money back with no questions, and no hassles.

You’ve obviously got nothing to lose except your distractions and interruptions… and your lack of productivity…

What To Do Next..

To register for the Personal Productivity Formula Training, just choose your payment option below, and fill in your order information. As soon as you complete your registration, you’ll be emailed with your login and password so you can access the training area… and you can begin by watching your Orientation & Introduction video.


CLOSED: PPF is currently CLOSED


I’l talk to you soon,

Alex Albright

One more thing… if you wanted, you could probably figure out all this stuff on your own. I know, because that’s what I did. But it’s probably cost me more than a million dollars when I add up what I’ve invested, spent, tested, and WASTED figuring out the “good stuff” that actually works… and works consistently and predictably.

So you can invest a ton of money and time trying to figure out what works, or you can short-circuit that whole process and do something of a “mind-meld” with me… and then you can be putting this material to work in your life starting tomorrow.

Don’t take it from me…

I could sit here and literally write a whole book about how this program will help you but that wouldn’t be that good.

So here’s what I did:

I emailed the student who already went through the Personal Productivity Formula Program and asked them what their experience were, some insights and learning they had, and if it help them become more productive.

No incentive, for them to write these, just simply asked them to give their feedback.

Here Are A Few Of Their Responses Below…

Personal Productivity Formula is without a doubt the best time management program on the market.

I am a life coach and work with personal productivity on a daily basis. The concepts in this program are rich and diverse and will literally change the way you produce.

Deeper than that, they will help you get healthy and centered.

I can’t say enough good things about the program.

By Rob Scott



OK, how about this? Immediate Productivity Gains…Immediate Profit Gains.

I have looked at every Guru and what I like to call Schmuru out and if you are going to invest the time and effort in any one course this year, invest it in Personal Productivity Formula.

Implementing everything that Alex teaches in the course over that past 5 months as far as I am concerned will be responsible for easily adding 7 figures to my client’s bank accounts over the next 12 months.

By Andrew Anderson



Personal Productivity Formula made a profound change in my entire life! Not only did I get healthier (lost 21 lbs), I got smarter. I learned that I was not living my life fully.

With each Personal Productivity Formula session I could feel myself looking at life as if someone were peeling back layers of “same o’ same o’ thinking.

Each session, I took action steps to put Alex’s teaching into play. What a great feeling knowing that for the first time someone showed me why I wasn’t focused and easy steps to take to get focused. The biggest lesson learned was you need to live your life in an optimum way.

Personal Productivity Formula gave me the start that is propelling me forward to being a better man. My wife thanks you, profusely.

PS. My business is now moving forward. A new website was created. My eBook is almost finished. Several possible JV partners have been talking with me, and I moved my eBay business to the next level. All this and much, much more I attribute to what I learned in the Personal Productivity Formula Course. Priceless

By Thomas Fouts

After I went through your Personal Productivity Formula Course, I was able to do MORE of the things that I need to do in order to grow my business.

Thanks for all of the great mentoring and coaching. Thanks for holding yourself and the expectations of your own performance at such a high standard.

You’re a damn fool if you don’t take this course… (Sorry to be so cruel)
By Arman Vakili


When I first started, I had just made the shift out of my corporate job, and in my new non-structured environment was having a really difficult time staying focused on the key activities of my business that added to the bottom line.

I’d bounce from one task to the next, to random web “research”, to obsessive compulsive e-mail checking. Looking back now I see how ridiculous it was, and yet I suspect that MANY people out there get caught in the same trap.

Your program very quickly helped me to see some of the patterns in my life that were draining me of energy and effectiveness. More importantly, you have helped me to build an extremely effective “Personal Success Ritual” that now starts every day for me and ensures that I am focused and attentive to the things that matter the most to me.

This program has been transformative for my life, and I really can’t thank you enough for the wonderful attention to detail that you have given every step of the way.

Many Thanks!

Jared J. Prazen




So here’s what Personal Productivity Formula has done for me. I have seriously struggled with getting myself to move on the directions that I have wanted to go. I’ve made grand plans, and usually fail to consistently get them done.

I’ve searched all over the place far and wide for various methods and programs to really get myself to really manage my time.

I’ve probably used 10 different planners, palm pilots, pocket pc’s, blackberries, gcal, Tony’ Robbins Time of your Life, Personal Power 2, David’ Allen’s Getting Things Done, the life hacker hipster pda which consisted only of notecards, Oh let’s not forget big rocks, Ferriss’s minimum effective load and missing meetings, and various things…

None of those things really worked for me.

Mind you, all my efforts were definitely not in vain. I have certainly gotten a lot out of myself at my young age, but I think what really helped me turn the corner was this particular program. I truly wish that this was around when I was in high school; I could have been far more effective. It addresses things that are soooo very true to me, yet other programs completely ignore.

Can’t say more good thing about this program.

By Gary


I’ve bought a LOT of business, time management and “self-help” books and programs over the last few years.

And after all those programs, this is the only one I can say this about… The Personal Productivity Formula Program LITERALLY changed my life.

I know it’s a cliché, but it’s really true.

When I first heard about it, I thought it would be some rehashed time management material.

But after watching all the videos, you can see that Alex’s put together a truly unique method. It’s clear that he uses it himself personally, and we all know he gets a lot done, and is a very balanced individual.

After going through the whole program, I find myself getting at least twice the amount of work done.

As an writer and business owner, that’s a HUGE thing to have happen, since it’s so difficult to discipline yourself when you’re making a passive income.

But the work doesn’t FEEL like work. The day goes by very smoothly, and all those tasks that seemed insurmountable feel like nothing.

But the biggest realization and change that I got from the program was the section on how to literally awake every morning productive …right from the start.

I find myself habitually getting out of bed at 6am, which has skyrocketed my fitness routine (I was already on Body For Life, this just cemented it in my routine). And by the way, I used to find it VERY difficult to get myself in the gym before this.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve been clear…this is just a fraction of the value I got from Personal Productivity Formula.

For me, this is by far the most valuable program that Alex has ever released. Don’t be fooled to thinking this is a program on time management. This is “How To Achieve Long-Term Life Success Habits”

Truly 10/10.

By Danna Kelly


I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this program has changed my life… I became an entrepreneur several years ago having success, but the last several months since I purchased and completed the Personal Productivity Formula Program have been nothing short of miraculous!

I am finishing a book I began one month ago, I got an idea for an online group coaching program (no more one-on-one giving my time for money for me!) and from the actual idea to selling out the program was about 72 hours! From idea to thousands of dollars… in a few days.

How many times do we think of a great idea and then not follow through…? Not anymore!

I Wake up and do small things to take care of ME first with some visualization mixed in there to get me revved up and chomping at the bit for the day.

Chunking my time and honoring it has been HUGE for getting more done with less effort and I can truly say that this is going to be one of the best years of my life both professionally (more money coming in and more projects being COMPLETED) and personally because of this program.

You are a great teacher my friend, of the inner and the outer game of success and fulfillment.

And what I really love is that I can go back to the Personal Productivity Formula Program anytime and have you as my personal guide and coach whenever I need a refresher “gentle kick in the pants”

Thanks Alex.

By Maritza Parra


Alex’s Personal Productivity Formula series has completely changed my life. When I first began this program, I was unsure what to expect and was completely surprised when he began by focusing on our personal self versus things that had to do with business.

I started his “Personal Success Ritual” immediately, and saw results right away. Once he had us read the book, Body for Life, by Bill Phillips, I changed my exercise routine to follow that example, and I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my life.

This had truly changed my life and the way I feel about myself and I can’t express my gratitude to Alex enough.

That was just the beginning though. From there, Alex really hits on distractions that we all face on a daily basis.

These aren’t just ordinary distractions either. He gets to the root of the little voices that are in all of us, which cause us to procrastinate or create conflict within ourselves. Until he pointed these things out, I never stopped to analyze them and know that there was something I could do to stop them. Again, Alex is amazing….he’s all about the little things, but if you can take care of all those little things, then you eliminate all the reasons that cause you to become unproductive.

I am more than impressed with Alex and his Personal Productivity Formula program. I know it sounds corny, but I really am a new person because of what he has put together.

By Katie Lewandowski

The Personal Productivity Formula program has changed my life in a most positive way. It may have saved my life. After the very first session, I knew deep in my soul, that this information was going to take hold. It created a desire to be a better person.

My personal success ritual that I patterned after what you suggested, has transformed me into a more vibrant, energetic, healthier me. When I bump into my old associates (I live in a small town) everyone says “Holy Cows!

Our new venture sure has made you into a much happier person”!

My wife agrees.

The Personal Productivity Formula program has given me the tools to learn how to focus my time and energy where it is needed.

It hasn’t been real easy, (ADD) but, I feel like a veil has been lifted and I now can see that I am going to succeed and prosper. I started from scratch. My new eBook is almost done, I am negotiating with a manufacturer for a custom physical product that will tie into my eBook.

All this and much, much more has changed in my life, all due to the fantastic Personal Productivity Formula program.

Really, my words are just words. You should feel the vibrancy, the energy, feel the huge smile I wear on the inside, see the smile on the outside, see me strut, feeling confident, knowing that I am a better man.

By Thomas Fouts



Your Personal Productivity Formula program changed my life. It increased my efficiency, my concentration.

And the interesting thing i found I have extra time at the end of the day that I can dream for my future or I can take rest. The psychological exercises in this program are

AWESOME… life changing materials. I recommend this program to everyone, I am 23 years old student and I learned these materials in this age and I made them my ritual from last year until now that I am pulled to do daily. I am sure it will change my life in long-term and I will be more successful. THANKS Alex…Appreciate that.

By Matt Blunk

Think it is one of the most profound insights on time management I have heard. I also think that that it is one of the most doable and practical approach to get better focus and be more productive. This program is a gem.

Personal Productivity Formula has been my “Go To” training course when I feel myself losing focus. Of course, we all lose focus and sight of the goals we wish to achieve, and it’s great to have a resource that will reenergize you and get you back on track.

Thank You for everything you’ve done to help me to become healthier, organized and super productive!

By Mark Smelling


The Personal Productivity Formula program enabled me to create an amazing morning routine for myself – something that I probably wouldn’t have done or which would have taken me six months to put together. In the three months since I instituted this routine, my productivity, vitality, vision and life satisfaction have greatly expanded and continue to expand.

Thank you Alex for creating a vehicle that made it easy to go to my next level.

By Joe Mitchel


Holy crap… you invented steroids for personal productivity – and it totally works!
You see I wasn’t a total wreck before learning these methods, I was operating at on what I thought was 100%, I was like a sports car pulling a tractor trailer – and I was overworked and burning out FAST!

I had read the 4 hour Work Week – killer book – and it go me on track but it wasn’t quite enough. I then came across

Personal Productivity Formula… hell yeah. It was real life practical techniques, mindsets to change, and management methods out the wazoo.

It was totally worth the investment and now my ability to focus and accomplish more in a smaller amount of time has increased dramatically… now I’ve got more time for the things I enjoy.

Thank Alex… so much

By Spencer Shaw


I get up, I exercise, I eat a healthy breakfast, I walk my kids to school (on time), I crank for 4 solid hours on the day’s most important activities, I eat a healthy lunch, I crank for another 5 hours (with very few interruptions, distractions and other time wasters), I walk my kids home from school, we have a nice family dinner, I put the kids to bed, I crank for another couple of hours (setting up the next day, closing loops), I go to bed at a reasonable hour, and I sleep 7.5 hours. I have done this EVERY day since I started Personal Productivity Formula.

I’ve never been more productive or felt more in balance in my life.

Thank you, Alex!

For anyone wondering whether this works, it does.

And it’s WAY faster than any other productivity training I’ve been through (and I’ve been through all of the really good ones). BUY IT NOW!

By Tony Heraz


Before I watched this program, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that was piling up before my inner eye when I woke up in the morning.

The “Personal Productivity Formula”-Program turned that whole thing around. Now I have MORE FREE TIME than before, am MORE PRODUCTIVE in the fewer time I spend working, and ENJOY my work much more than before.

Thanks for making this program!

By Kristen Greer


The Personal Productivity Formula program has CHANGED MY LIFE.

I was expecting to get some good stuff out of it, but it far exceeded my highest expectations.

It helped me to understand this all-important principle: you must do the important things FIRST.

Personal Productivity Formula taught me to consciously create habits that will make my success inevitable. Alex took us through the process of creating 3 powerful habits, one each month. Learning how to do this-and knowing that I CAN do it-is empowering me to make even more changes.

Here are my results after Personal Productivity Formula:

-I get up at 6am every morning; do my Personal Success Ritual which includes exercise, yoga, meditation, and a healthy meal. Then I’m ready for work by 9:30am.

-I work on high leverage activities for AT LEAST 2 hours (my goal is 4 hours) per day, without distraction and interruption.

-I “found” at least 3 hours of time per day that I didn’t even know I had.

-I have accomplished more for my new business, current business, and writing career in the last 4 months than I have in the last 2 YEARS.

-I feel LESS rushed in my work day and more relaxed…even though I am getting more done.

Just to give you an idea, since starting the Personal Productivity Formula program, I have launched my new business, complete with website, advertising campaign, email newsletter and telephone consultations; submitted my completed memoir to 3 different agents for review; written an entire 150 page eBook from start to finish; AND revised my current website.

The personal value for me has been IMMENSE. Not only did learn things that are helping me have a more happy, productive life NOW, those things I’ve learned will continue to blossom in the future.

Frankly, that’s priceless.

I would easily have paid $2,000 for this program.

And that would be a BARGAIN.

Yes, I am a raving fan.

By Stephanie Collamn


To me your “Personal Productivity Formula” program has truly been like a rebirth experience.

Thanks to this program:

1- I got rid of many unfinished issues I had in my life that were not helping me to progress, and I wasn’t aware of.

2. I lost 10 pounds!!!!!!

3. I’ve been able, FINALLY, to incorporate in my life an exercise program that makes me feel good and, most importantly, I’m doing it CONSISTENTLY!

4. I’ve learned to focus better on the important stuff, and what gives leverage to my business.

5. I’m in the process of firing “the boss of my prevention department.” I say I’m in the process, because it’s still there, but the wonderful part is that I recognize it now and use some of your strategies to ignore it and not let it push me away from my business GOAL.

Thanks so much Alex!

I think everyone, EVERYONE, regardless of his or her goal in life MUST take a program like this one.

Thanks again!

By Richard Shmault


It wasn’t till I took the Personal Productivity Formula course that I realized how subtle and powerful your approach to life really is.

I used to be annoyed at having to get out of bed to do anything I didn’t want to do. Now I jump out of bed 2 hours earlier looking for things to do because I know how to be PRODUCTIVE.

I am so glad you have finally decided to release this as a separate training, it is so needed not only in business but as a life style catalyst. It’s been just the best thing I have done with you and I look forward to your next stroke of genius.

Anyone who chooses not to take the Personal Productivity Formula offer will wake up unproductive, unmotivated and inefficient.

Now I can say I am none of those because I Personal Productivity Formula, motivated and efficient.

Thanks for having the courage to be who you are and teach what you teach, you and your work are fantastic.

By Andrew Verity


I was interested in “tame management” for few years. I’ve read a lot of books I’ve watch videos etc.

And it was really helpful I became more aware of my time and I could identify time “wasters”.

But still it wasn’t enough I still didn’t have time for everything and I still lost a lot of time for unimportant things.

With that background I’ve attended to Personal Productivity Formula.

I didn’t know what to expect about that program but when it start off everything and I mean everything has changed.

But let me first tell you what I’ve learned.

First of all it will take care about all your inner distractions and problems that are inside of you. At first I thought “this is stupid I don’t need that” but when I really start doing these things I realized how important this is. Since that program I was focusing only at “what to do and how to do it efficient” I focus only on techniques, tricks but to be productive you must first have clear mind and only after your “mind thing” is right you can take care about what to do and how to do it efficient.

So at first this program will help you at putting everything on right track and give you good state of mind to be productive.

Then you will start to learn the outer game of productive. You will know all things that are helpful to manage your time even if you are busy 24/7 and have thousand email and phone calls to answer.

Alex will show you how to take care of distraction that you have at work and what is really important he will help you focus on things that are MOST IMPORTANT IN YOU LIFE.

And this is the part that is most valuable for me and gave me most benefits. Personal Productivity Formula will help you find and focus on most important things in your life. Those things that creates most value for your health, business and personal side of you,

It will also help you to build helpful routine that will guide you to have best results and staying at productive way all the time – not only for short term.

Once again. If you are at part of your life where you don’t have enough time, where you feel overwhelmed by your work.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and join this program it is really that important and I can say that with 200% guarantee.

I’m really serious about that Don’t miss that opportunity to change your life.

By Piotr Organista


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and top of my new found productivity! I cannot say enough about this fabulous program.

Two years ago I made the decision to change my business model. It’s been a fabulous ride, and the challenges of launching a new business have at times had my attention pulled in twenty different directions. y pattern became ‘wake’ ‘wash’ ‘get lost for 2-3 hours in email’… I sacrificed personal time, self-care, and the very necessary disciplines needed to keep it all under control – UNTIL I FOUND PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY FORMULA!

As a result of the material you’ve pulled together, and the simple way it’s organized I’ve regained control over my time and attention. I now start every day with dedicated intentional attention on ME, getting myself nurtured, healthy and centered before starting on my working day.

AND the techniques you laid out have given me simple, step-by-step tools for planning my days, and using my hours to their greatest effect. Chunking time and transitions between topics has been invaluable.

I was invited to start hosting a new radio program on ModaVox the world’s #1 internet talk radio channel. Before Personal Productivity Formulate would have been overwhelming to even consider it. I have all the experience and contacts to make the show “The Spark Effect” a great one, and wouldn’t have said “Yes!” if they had contacted me before I started using these great tools. They called at just the right time, when I had such a smooth handle on how to be efficient and productive each and every day.


Not only that, it’s going to create a stable basis and foundation for so much of my new business model itself.

And I’m building it all with enthusiasm, energy and exhilaration.

Thank you so much for designing this marvelous program and bringing it to the world!

By Liz Feinholz



I’d like to express my profound gratitude for Personal Productivity Formula and all I have gained from it.

I have studied personal development and NLP for 15 years. I’m glad to say that this course has been one of the most practical, transformative and beneficial learning experiences I have ever had.

Applying what I have learned from you in Personal Productivity Formula has led to dramatic positive improvements in my overall well being, focus and professional performance. I actually feel like you have tricked me in a positive way, and taught me strategies that dramatically improve my whole quality of life and productivity, under the guise of teaching time management.

Before I went through this program, I didn’t think I needed help with time management. I simply wanted to improve my quality of concentration and sustained focus. What I got from this was life strategies for improving my concentration and focus and so much more.

Thank you Alex!

By Tom O’Neil


Alex, you’ve really taken the concept of productivity to a whole new level with Personal Productivity Formula. I can’t thank you enough for the value I’ve gotten from it.

By digesting 1 lesson a week over the 17 weeks; I’ve all-of-a-sudden found myself with so much more time to play around with each day. (To put this in perspective, before I went through this, I’d normally start working at my desk at 8am and STILL be there in the early hours of the morning, with only an hour’s worth of exercise to punctuate my day).

I was so exhausted!

Instead, I now have a solid outline and plan of action from the moment I wake each day, get the most important tasks done first, and can finish work each day while the sun’s still shining.

The transformation has been nothing short of spectacular – And I attribute it ALL to your training.

Thanks to Personal Productivity Formula, I now have a system that feels totally automatic. I know EXACTLY what I’m doing and WHEN, and by sticking to the 60-60-30 framework you teach, I no longer feel drained right down to my marrow when I step away from my desk each day.

And the biggest lesson I’ve taken from Personal Productivity Formula?

I’d have to say it’s the permission I now have to take short breaks throughout the day without the overbearing sense of guilt I used to feel…because I know these breaks actually INCREASE my productivity when I get right back to work.

Bottom line: The value of Personal Productivity Formula – in terms of time-saving, productivity, and overall sense of well-being – makes whatever price you ask for it an absolute no-brainer.

By Andy Wilkinson


When I started the Personal Productivity Formula program, I had no idea how I was going to juggle running and growing my full time business, be the involved mother of two teenagers AND get my dream of having an online business off the ground.

Let me tell you that Personal Productivity Formula has truly changed my life. I’ve received great personal benefit from the self-assessments, new rituals and changes in how I set up my day. I now know how to set myself up to accomplish my goals.

Not only that, there’s been a natural carry-over to my family and business which I had not expected.

Even though there’s a lot going on around me most of the time, this program has helped me structure myself so that I’m spending more focused time on the things that bring me either high value or high pleasure or R&R.

In fact, I just told my husband to give me 5 minutes so I could finish typing this to you…then we’re going to sit down together to discuss our son’s college plans.

The “old” me would have let myself be interrupted, and you would never have received this.

By the way, during the summer I’ve been able to put together much of the material that will form my new online business.

Thanks Alex, your Personal Productivity Formula program has helped me create a more balanced and fulfilled life.

With gratitude,

By Lindy Macks


BE NEXT – write in your personal transformation using Personal Productivity Formula at alexalbrightsuccess@gmail.com



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