Makes Professionally Looking Book Covers That People Automatically Want to Buy In Less Than 5 Minutes

Hey it’s Alex Albright,

As you know…

Your cover of your book is VERY important.

And you’re absolutely right!

It’s the first thing your customer will see and subconsciously and automatically they will decide if they want to take further interest and buy your book

I mean we all are told NOT to do it…

“Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Yet we all do…

So that’s why having an excellent book cover is so critical to get massive amounts of people to buy your book and have the success and impact you want.

Now the thing is… making a book cover USED to be…

#1: Expensive:

You had to find someone to make the cover for you …and they can charge anywhere from $200 to $1,000 dollars for a single book cover

#2: Time:

Also, it used to take a lot of time.

You had to ether;

A) Buy expensive software and figure it out yourself which took a lot of time or

B) Find someone to do it for you …and then go back and forth if that is what you want and small changes etc.

And the one BIG other thing is…

You Rarely Knew If Your Cover
Was Going To Work

If it was actually going to get people to buy

That’s why I need to share with you something very important.

It’s a very special piece of software called Cover Creator.

Within minutes of using this software you can make professionally looking covers in less then five minutes.

If fact they are NOT just professional looking…

These Covers Are Designed To Get People To Buy Your Book

We’ve researched and analyzed the top selling books on Amazon and then made template covers for you.

You have over 50 plus templates to choose from and thousands of select features to pick from like:

• fonts,

• sizes,

• custom images,

• almost anything you can think of

Also one of the other great benefits is this software helps you finish your book faster.

And I don’t mean just finishing the proven tested profession cover of your book

I mean imagine this…

Imagine maybe finishing your book cover

Go ahead imagine that now…

How does that feel?

Now imagine that you really did finish your profession tested book cover…

In is much detail as you can.

Image it brighter and bigger, more and more detail, see it now…

And now see many people ordering it on Amazon or your website.

And then getting it and how exited they are to have it…

Now how does that feel?

That’s just a small “visualization technique” to help you finish your book.

And using this software you can make that a reality within 5 minutes of using this software.

You’ll get a download link where you can start using Cover Creator immediately.

And It’s NOT Going To Cost You $1,000’s Of Dollars, Doesn’t Take
A Lot Of Time To Make, And It’s
Not Going To Repell Customers From Buying

You can literally create these proven custom covers in 5 minutes or less.

It will help you finish your book faster.

It will make more people buy your book; you will make more money and help more people

This one-of-a-kind Cover Creator is yours absolutely free for the first seven days before you ever decide if you want to keep it.

After that, it’s only a ONE time investment of $47 dollars. Then you are done forever and no more payments. This high-end cover-creating software is yours to keep forever.

And guess what?

If you don’t like it for any reason, you can stop payments at any time (if you stop payment before the 7 days you pay nothing, not a single penny).

How To Download Cover Creator Now:

Just click the “add to cart” button below, fill out your information, and you’ll be brought to a secure download page to download cover creator.

You’ll be making professionally designed book covers that people automatically want to buy in just a few short minutes.

Also, you save hundreds and thousands of dollars of time and money by not hiring someone else to do it for you.

So go ahead click the “add to cart” button below and get started now.


For Limited Time Get These 3 Limited Time Bonuses When You Purchase Today:

Bonus #1: More Preloaded Proven And Tested Book Cover Templates

When you order today, you’ll get 25+ book cover templates preloaded into the software for you to choose from that have already been proven to work on Amazon and other online selling platforms.

Bonus #2:  How To Create A Book Title That Sells [Video + Blueprint Training]

You’re also going to get a free video plus blueprint template how to name your book so it sells itself – a book that people automatically want to buy.

Bonus #3:  Modern Marketing [Video + Blueprint Training]

First step is making the book and the right “package”

Then its Marketing. That’s why I am going to give you this Modern Marketing Blueprint Home Study course valued  at $600 for absolutely free when you purchase Cover Creator today.

It will teach you how to start a blog, get traffic to it, use YouTube and the secrets to gain massive amount of traffic …and how to turn that  traffic into sales.

Trust me you will not find this kind of information anywhere else.

Get All These bonuses Now When You Purchase Cover Creator


What A Few other People Who Invested In Cover Creator Are Saying:

Great software, very easy and simple, the templates are amazing. took me 5 minutes to create a good cover. And the outcome is really cool with high resolution.

By Ayoub Idelhadj

Wow this is actually extremely helpful! I’ve been searching for something that would work for the last two hours, but no other software was easy or effective enough to use. I’m going to recommend this to my friends because you just saved heaps of my time and made my life easier!

Thank you so much, you are awesome :)

P.S. Now my new book actually LOOKS good.

By Slamb95

This software is amazing, a life saver, I’ve been struggling with Photoshop for months now, the templates are amazing and cover every aspect. It can let you do anything you want, you will just have to imagine it and then you can create it on CoverCreator.

I’ve made a couple of covers already and I’m very satisfied with the result.

I’ll make even more for every book I have.

By Med ReDDa El ferdaoussi

Thank you so much, it’s a great software: Templates proposed are awesome, and I do appreciate the fact that we have the opportunity to change colors, font or size according to our preferences and the fact that we do not need technical skills!

By Sarar Hammar

Hi Alex, thanks for designing such a wonderful tool. I needed to impress my fellow mates with a book cover for my article in college. Among many applications i have across, i have found this one to be of genuine use and it saved my time. really great stuff and once again thanks. i would be glad to see that there would be more updates for this software in near future.

By nirmal886Y

You don’t know how big of a help this software is! I’ve been looking for someone who can make me a good book cover but hiring a professional requires a lot of money. I’ve been writing a book about Milk tea and I just couldn’t move forward completely since I don’t have a decent book cover yet. Thanks for this! I can’t believe this book cover creator is so inexpensive!!

By sunshine teaxperiment

This program is excellent! As a writer I spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect cover for my work and this program makes it so easy to get exactly what you want! It’s really user friendly and takes a very short time to create a unique cover.I already used it on my new novel and I can’t wait to show this to my other writer friends. The end result looks amazing. Thanks so much!

By LostInTheLibrary93

The most convenient software ever to design the cover of a book.

I just tried them out, and I was really impressed with the different styles and the designs. A perfect software for the writers and designers altogether.

Loved it.

By Pooja Pradeep

I am just speechless. I love this software. So professional looking software and easy to customize. I am a newbie writer and try to write some PDF book for my website. It is really helpful resource. Now I am going to design my cover book myself and already download it . Thank you.

By Candice Azzara

Wow, I didn’t expect making a book cover would be this easy! It is very helpful especially to those people who are into writing a book but has a small budget and can hardly afford a graphic artist. They can make a book cover through the help of this program. Awesome!!!

By Charlene Fajardo

It’s so easy to use and the templates are great. Thank you for this… I need it for a child’s book I’m working on and the kids will really enjoy a great cover.

By feshTaneL

Well this is the best software for designing a book cover.I have rewritten a book of Harry Potter series for a client and designed a totally new cover for that book. I would recommend this to all my friends.

By rockinuzair 

It’s awesome software, easy to use unique design and most of them if you want to change and put your own words easy to edit and can write your own text whatever you’re creativity. I was looking this kind of software last five months ago when my boss asked me to make the cover books and now I got what I’m wanting. Big thanks for these videos.

By Marelyn Montillano

It’s like magic – so simple to use. One less (big) thing to stress over. I love that you interact and respond to comments, by the way.

By Ashleigh Taylor-Hoomalu

Thank you so much! This helped me so much, i always worry about getting suedif I used photos that aren’t, well, mine. -Natalie

By natalie cline

This is the creative, inexpensive and appealing software ever made!!It really helped a lot for those who really love to make their own book covers..This can help you make some interesting designs which make the book cover hard to forget..GREAT JOB!! i so love it!!

By mikebing100

Cover creator is a really AMAZING software , I instantly bought it and tried it personally and I got surprised about how easy it is and got impressed by the power to make a professional book cover easily like this in just less than 5 minutes to finish it

By kemo Samir

Thank you very much for this. Very easy, very useful and you have many options to choose from.

By doobie dandy

This is really simple, easy-to-use and has a great selection of awesome, professional-looking templates! I can’t believe making your own book cover could be so simple and require no knowledge of expensive and complicated software. Also, I’ve found that having a book cover ready is great motivation when you’re stuck and struggling to finish your book. Even if I don’t end up using it, just visualizing what my book will look like when finished gave me a fresh bout of energy to keep going.

By Pc Paul

I quite agree with you Alex, find someone to make the cover, it will cost me a lot of money. I really liked your solution. Your software is so simple and very well done side ergonomic, love it. Thank you for sharing and recommend you also see video from beginning to end.

Thank you Alex

By leo stanye

A book cover is the face of the book. If it is really describing the topic then it can be very helpful to the readers to buy their exact book which they want. Otherwise… This Cover Creator free software is become very useful for me for that I am very thankful to Alex. Because I am writer and I know what is describing my book which can’t described by designer in old book cover then I enjoy this video and software it become very helpful to create my book cover and I feeling complete this days :)

By Shahid Abbasi

Hello alex, the cover is sometimes difficult to do especially with the ideas on how to make it catchy to the eyes of those who will purchase the book. I really love this software of yours and I will do this use this in solving my problems in creating a cover. thank you.



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