Write A Book That People Automatically Want to Buy In 30 Days Or Less

Hey it’s Alex Albright,

In this IN-DEPTH training I’m going to share with you exactly how to write a book that is you own REAL money-making book and how to make sure that your book SUCCEEDS.

Meaning, it makes enough income to support yourself, your family and beyond, and gives you more influence to make a bigger impact in the world with your message.

Now we’re going to always stay 100% brutally honest in this training… and I want to tell you some things that you may already know to be true…

  • Right now, you know you already have the ideas to write a book.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

And now is the VERY best time to write your book because…

The Power Is Now In Your hands

This very moment, all you need is a computer to write a book.

You can open up a Word document, write out your thoughts and ideas. Save it as a PDF (Portable Digital Format) eBook file and upload it online on a FREE site and advertise it to the world within MINUTES. Literally.

Plus one of the BEST parts is that there’s practically no risk.

It’s not like a ‘normal’ business where you have to buy a building, materials, workers, pay rent, and incur other expenses, and where there’s the possibility of losing all your money.

Writing a book can cost ZERO dollars.

But let’s look at the cold HARD FACTS If Now Is A Good Time To Write Your Book:

write a book chart

Just LOOK at eBook sales as they sky-rocket up:

There was almost a 150% increase from 2012 to 2013.

Most experts estimate this same increase or MORE will happen this year, 2013.

And still, 8 out of 10 people don’t read eBooks!

And it’s only going to rise as the Kindles, Nooks and iPads get more and more popular.

On A Deeper level, There Are Hidden Psychological Needs Behind These Fast Growing Trends:

write a book needs

We’re HARD WIRED to want more and more books.

Using the model of from Aberham Maslow’s Hichary of need.

As we meet our basic needs for survival, like we don’t have to worry about were are next meal is going to come from, or where we are going to get shelter form each night… we go for HIGHER levels of self-actualization, learning and growth.

And how do we reach these higher levels?

Usually by seeking NEW information.

And The Best Part: Absolutely No Experience Needed

I’m absolutely horrible at writing. I get emails DAILY about how I misspelled things in my content and email.

So… that doesn’t matter. I am a PRIME example of that.

In the beginning I stopped myself from writing because I thought I was a bad writer and had thoughts to myself like “are my ideas good enough?” “will people really buy my books?”

And over 5 plus years of studding how to write a successful book, working with experts I finally wrote my book that now makes enough money to support myself, family, and loved ones. And gives me the ability to have the life style and experiences I want in life.

I then taught it the exact same system I use to others and they got to the same results I did.

And now I want to share with you the EXACT same system to write a book that people automatically want to buy.

But before that, we need to go over…

The 4 Deadly Mistakes most people make that lead to little or no books sales …and how To Avoid Them And Create A Successful Book

Deadly Mistake #1: They Have The WRONG Customer

As Jay Abraham (a famous multimillionaire author and marketer) says, “Most people fall in love with the wrong thing. They fall in love with themselves, their product, their book, or business – and not the customer.”

Here’s a little secret. Most people think they get it. They think they understand what the customer really wants.

From my experience (and the statistics), most people really DON’T know or understand their customer at all when writing a book.

And what does this lead to?

It leads to no one buying their book and a bunch of time, energy, and effort wasted.

So let me ask you a question. And please answer honestly.

Do you REALLY know your future customers? What their wants, needs, goals, desires and aspirations are?

And what their challenges, problems, frustrations, and fears are?

Think about this for one second.

The more you know what they want (and don’t want), the better you can put it in your book so they will automatically want to buy it.

One other HUGE mistake most people make that leads to failure is writers trying to sell their information, knowledge, and expertise to themselves. This leads to no one buying their book.


Because people buying information books don’t want any of that.

They don’t even want a book or product – they want a RESULT!

For example, when someone is buying information on losing weight, they really don’t want information on how to lose weight.

What do they want?


To lose weight.

Now let’s go on to Mistake #2 about writing a book.

Deadly Mistake #2: They Have The WRONG Package

It’s not that they don’t put it in hard cover, soft cover, or eBook package – it’s that they don’t package up their knowledge and information in a way their customer sees as VALUABLE and understandable.

What we like to think as valuable is not always what’s valuable to our customers (in fact, it’s usually the opposite).

For example, in dating advice for men, most people will try to teach about developing inner traits.

But what do most men want and PAY for?

PICK UP lines!

And you may be saying, “That’s not what they really need!”

Doesn’t matter.

It’s not a matter of what you and I think is valuable … it’s what the customer PERCEIVES as valuable. And when you learn to COMBINE the thing they see as valuable with what you think is valuable, they will want to buy it immediately.

Another huge challenge for most people is that they write their books in a way that their customers can’t understand.

If the customers DON’T understand it, they most likely will not buy. Or if they do buy it, they’re not going to get results, because they won’t understand how to use it and will either return the product or post damaging feedback.

On the other hand, when you learn how to communicate in a way that all different types of people can understand, then people are going to instantly see your book as more valuable and buy it.

Research shows that by using only one communication style, only 10% of the people will be able to understand it.

Have you ever been telling someone what they need to do and it’s like they can’t hear or understand you?

You keep on saying it louder and louder, thinking that it will help, and you may think to yourself, “This person is so stupid!” (I do this with the people I love all the time).

Now what is really going on? Each person uses a communication style that is different than yours. There’s about 10 of them.

And if you don’t write using them all, it’s like speaking in English and the other person only understands Spanish.

So when you combine what your customers see as valuable and what they actually need in a way that your customer can understand, you’re going to create a book that sells itself, because it’s what they ALREADY want and understand.

Now, stay with me as we go into the next critical mistake most people who try to write a profitable book make. This mistake leads to failure, has no impact on the world, and makes little or no money…

Deadly Mistake #3: They Take The WRONG Actions

Let me ask you something. Do you know someone who knows WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and they still do NOTHING?

It’s not always knowing how to do it…

It’s about actually DOING it. Writing a book. Making it happen in the REAL word.

My mentor, Wyatt Woodsmall, has a great quote. He says, “It’s what you’re doing that you’re not doing, that you’re suppose to be doing, that’s the problem.”

Meaning, if we look at what we are doing with a magnifying glass, we can find that we are not writing our books. Instead we find ourselves thinking about it. And distracting ourselves with the Internet, TV, email, or Facebook, etc.

Now, there are THREE different things when I say, “They take the wrong actions.”

#1: They don’t take any action at all.

As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Sadly, they fail even before they begin.

#2. Some people do take action in writing their book. Then they stop. And maybe start again. Then stop.

This is like pushing a rock up a hill then letting it fall back down. Then pushing it up a hill again. Then letting it fall back down.

And doing this every day, week or month.

This can make writing a book a VERY long and painful process.

 #3. Some people are taking action in writing their book, but they’re doing the wrong things.

It’s like trying to see the sunset looking east. It’s not going to happen. No matter how hard anyone tries.

Or as Steven Covey said, “It’s a real bummer to climb the ladder of success and realize it’s up against the wrong wall.” In other words, we put in a bunch of effort and energy and realize we’re doing the wrong thing. It’s no fun.

The KEY is taking the RIGHT action in writing and finishing a book people can read, buy, and which makes you money.

So what are the right things? And how do we get ourselves to do the right things until our book is complete? Well, you’re about to learn those answers very soon, starting with the last crucial mistake most people make.

Even if they do get themselves to follow through and take action, they will still most likely fail if…

Deadly Mistake #4: They Have The WRONG Education

Can I ask you a very important question?

Where did YOU get your ideas and beliefs about how to write a successful and money-making book from?

Most of us, like me, did NOT have a role model or any correct education on how to write a successful and profitable book.

Of course most of us THINK we get it – we try to write a book and it doesn’t make the money we want (and then this is usually where the average person says, “See, this doesn’t work”).

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

A favorite quote of mine is from Tony Robbins (a motivational speaker that has gotten paid up to 1 million dollars to give a presentation for three hours). And what he said is, “Success leaves clues.” Meaning, if you find someone who ALREADY has what you want and you figure out what they do, do the same things and you’ll get the same results. Just like a recipe.

If you put ingredients in one way, you’ll get one result. Put them in another way, you’ll get a different result.

Same principle with creating a money-making book that you can set up to make passive income to support yourself, your family, and beyond.

Unfortunately, most people never get the right education and never finish their book which will give them the influence, money, and respect they deserve.

The truth is they could easily get what they want just by learning a FEW new things. The thing is there in the past, there’s always been this challenge;

The “Missing Education” Challenge:

Until now…

  • There’s never been an in-depth course that teaches you how to have the right BUYING customer and walks you step by step on how to discover what your customer really wants and needs, which will automatically motivate them to buy YOUR book.
  • No one has ever combined that with a course that teaches you exactly how to package up your knowledge in a way your customer sees as a VERY valuable, unique solution to their problem and who will happily pay money in exchange for it.
  • Until now, no one has ever fused this unique set of step-by-step instructions with how to get past specific ‘blocks’ and fears that stop most people from finishing their book to have the success and income they deserve.

That’s specifically why I created this NEW program…

Announcing The Book Blueprint Program: The First Complete Step-By-Step System To Turn The Knowledge You Already Have Into A Book That People Automatically Want To Buy In 30 Days Or Less

You can imagine this program like a machine that takes what you already know and turnings into a book people already want to buy, find valuable, and pay for all in 30 days or less.

The Book Blueprint Program is designed to give you the right education within these three Pillars:

#1: The Right Customer Pillar
#2: The Right Package Pillar
#3: The Right Action Pillar

Pillar #1: The Right Customer –
How To Identify What Your Customer Wants To Buy

As you discovered earlier, the big mistake  when writing a book is having the wrong customer. Falling in love with ourselves and our books when our customer doesn’t really want any of that.

Or thinking we know what they want.

It’s like, if I was trying to sell pig-meat to Arab countries just because I like pig-meat.

It doesn’t matter – it’s FORBIDDEN there.

So, what can we do to make sure your book ‘sells itself’?
Understand your customer first.

Peter Drucker said, “The aim of business is to understand your customers so well, that you create products that sells themselves.”

Steven Covey, who sold 7 million copies of his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said, “If I can condense everything down, it would be to first seek to understand, then seek to be understood.”

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do (because it’s been proven to work). Dive deep into the minds of our customers and figure out what their wants, needs, and irrational desires are.

And on the other hand, what are the fears and frustrations they want to avoid.

Think about this: If you have a problem or frustration and there’s a lot of pain around it, and someone comes along who knows what you want and has a solution – how bad would you want that solution?

Or how much would you pay for that pricless solution?

When you figure out what your customers already want, it’s like selling water to people who are in the middle of the blazing-hot Sahara Desert. In fact, this is even BETTER than just selling the water. This is like selling the water and a hotel with air conditioning and a pool.

You WON’T have to do much selling because they already want it.

Pillar #2: The RIGHT Package – How To Package Up Your Knowledge So That Your Customer Instantly Sees As The Priceless Solution

After you go through the Book Blueprint Pillar #1, you’ll know all the ingredients of what your customers REALLY want, need, and desire when writing your book.

Now, all you need to do is turn those ingredients into a real book that people give you money in exchange. How?

By connecting YOUR knowledge and experience to their needs and frustrations. That’s the FORMULA for a successful money-making book. Connect their needs and desires to your knowledge and experience.

Although from my experience it has to be done in a very specific way. Because like we discussed briefly before, some people really do have good answers and solutions but some potential buyers just can’t see them if they’re not put in the right way.

It’s like telling someone what they need to do: it was good advice, but it’s like they couldn’t hear it?

Well, there’s a way to say it so they do hear it. Use it. And thank you for it. And in this case, PAY you for it. You’ll learn exactly how to do all this and much much more in this pillar.

Pillar #3: The RIGHT Action – How To Guarantee You Finish Your Money-making Book In 30 Days Or Less…

At this point you’ll know your customer so well, you’ll know the exact ingredients to put in your book. You’ll know how to take what you already know out of your head and turn it into a complete concept, communicating in a way that your customers cannot misunderstand

Here’s the thing. It’s like someone has all the ingredients to make a delicious chocolate cake. And they have the specific step-by-step instructions to make that cake.

Yet they still don’t take action to make the cake they want! And in this case, the chocolate cake is a profitable book. Meaning they don’t write and finish their book.

Interesting Isn’t It?

A person can be given all the tools and resources to succeed and still not take action and actually write a book.


First let me say, I don’t claim to be a motivational speaker or self-help guru. I do want to say that I have discovered something that has helped myself and others take the actions needed to finish a successful and profitable book.

I observed why most people don’t write and finish their book and don’t have the success, money, and lifestyle they want. And I looked at what stopped me in the past.

It’s NOT taking the consistent action that leads to making the money to have the things they want.

It’s like we all want to become thin and fit but we don’t want to – and can’t get ourselves to – eat healthy and exercise daily. Jim Rohn said, “Easy to do, easy not to do.”

At this point in the program you’ll find writing your book can be quite simple. Getting to do it – that’s the REAL challenge. Most people who see a successful author will say, “How and why is your book so successful?”

They Don’t Ask, “How Did You Get Yourself To FINISH Your Book?”

They don’t know where the REAL battle took place. So they lose the battle before even starting.

And I think most programs that teach any ‘how-to’ method drop the ball at this stage. They say, “Here’s what you need to do, go do it.” And as you probably know, most people don’t even start. Some people start then they stop at any little speed bump. Making writing their book a long, painful process.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s Why I ADDED This Specific Pillar To Help You INSTALL The Right Habits

It’s like instead of taking the long bumpy back roads, you will now go onto a four-lane SUPER highway.

Plus, by installing these habits it becomes easy and a NATURAL process that you don’t even have to think about.

Just like brushing your teeth. You do it automatically … effortlessly … without even thinking about it. And once you learn the TRICK that most people don’t know about creating new habits, you’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE to NOT finish your successful and profitable book.

Here’s a Few More Things You’ll learn In These Powerful Book Blueprint Pillars:

Some things you will immediately discover from the CUSTOMER PILLAR:

  • The ‘Book That Sells Itself’ simple-to-use FORMULA,  that when followed, will make your customer automatically want to buy your book and even pay a higher price for it (plus it makes your book SO much easier to write).
  • Use these simple and FAST modern marketing research methods to find out exactly what your customer wants (also how to avoid getting FALSE data that causes some people to write a book no one wants to buy).
  • Inside confidential dirt I’ve discovered when I asked my own BUYING customers, “Why did you buy?” and how the answer led me to quickly multiply my profits by five times. I’ll also share how you can use this same thing to make sure people will buy your book (it’s probably not what you think!).
  • EIGHT POWERFUL WEAPONS most people will never know about, to narrow your niche and cause your customers to feel your book was written JUST FOR THEM, causing many people to automatically buy your book.
  • One of the most critical and important skills that all millionaires know and how you can learn and use this same money-making skill to create a very successful and profitable book.
  • A ‘behind the scenes’ case study of a book that has sold over 1 MILLION copies and how you can use the exact proven strategies to do the same.

A small sample of what you’ll learn in the PACKAGE PILLAR:

  • The EXACT SPECIFIC WORDS and PHRASES to KEEP your reader’s attention and get them ENGAGED in your book.
  • Hidden psychology behind naming your book so it’s impossible for your customers to forget it, and cause them to automatically want to buy your book.
  • Step-by-step FORMULA how to make your book UNIQUE and SUPERIOR to any competition (this just might be the difference between making enough money to support yourself and family WAY beyond your basic needs, and not wasting a bunch of money, time, and effort on a book no one buys.
  • Easy-to-use technique on how to create and organize your money-making concepts without really creating anything ‘new’.
  • The three most powerful WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE to build into your book so the most amount of people buy your book (using this, it’s almost like you have new SUPER POWERS that attract many new buying customers, making you a MONEY MAGNET).
  • 13 starting sentences to help you begin writing effortlessly and come up with money-making ideas.
  • 17 transition sentences that help your readers keep on reading and at the SAME time keep you writing easily, quickly finishing a book that your reader can NOT put down.
  • How to communicate in a way that makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE for your customers to MISUNDERSTAND you or your book.
  • Specific set of frameworks and structures that you can use instantly to hang your own ideas and information on, to make it 5 to 10 times more valuable – which means readers are willing to pay a higher price for it.
  • Seven steps to create your story that positions you as the Authority on the topic.
  • A very profitable lesson from Jeffrey Gitomer – The Little Red Book of Selling – that he said is responsible for selling $150 million a year worth of products – and how you can use this exact same strategy.

And the 3rd ACTION PILLAR is so important:

  • Advanced psychology for motivation when writing your book and how you can harness the power of your mind for maximum productivity. If people don’t know about this, it makes writing their book a very inefficient and long process that can sometimes take years to finish.
  • How to get rid of the feeling of “What if no one buys my book?” that blocks us from success with a feeling of confidence and “Everything’s going to be okay” which makes writing your book almost 100 times easier when you’re in this state of mind.
  • Gain an extra 3.5 hours a week through this easy-to-use “Hidden Time Finder” technique that you can do in less than five minutes (what would you do with an extra 3.5 hours a week?).
  • MURDER procrastination so you can get your book and other important activities done, when you want it done, and can freely enjoy the things you love to do.
  • The SINGLE most important WORD of your time management and productivity vocabulary if you want to finish your book fast.
  • How THINKING actually PREVENTS getting into the zone, and what to do about it.
  • The three main reasons why most people fail to finish their book and how to avoid them to complete your book in no time flat.
  • A simple and easy-to-use ‘Mental Mind Trick’ that you can use anytime to REDUCE or eliminate success-blocking fear which takes less than 45 seconds to do.
  • How to swap habits you ALREADY have with a new habit of writing your book that makes finishing your successful and profitable book INEVITABLE.


Now’s Let’s Rap Up What You Will Be Getting When You Enroll Into The Book Blueprint Program Today…

write a book blueprints

All High Definition Videos All Designed To Take What You Know And Turn Into A High Perceived Value Book That People Want To Pay High Dollars For

When you enroll into the Book Blueprint Program today Introduction video and RIGHT Customer, RIGHT Package and the RIGHT Action Pillars (16 videos total).

Honestly, it’s not even about the high quality videos or the proven and tested money-making concepts that are jam-packed into this accelerated learning format. It’s about the successful and profitable book that sells itself that you will have created at the end of the program.

These videos are specifically designed to teach you the specific action steps and get you in the zone to write your book FAST and BOOST creativity. They are designed to make it so that it’s impossible for you NOT to write and finish your book when you go through the Book Blueprint Program.

It’s like walking down a hallway and you can’t go any other way. Only forward or backwards. And this program helps you move forward to finish your money-making book.

All Videos Converted Into MP3 Audios So You Can Listen to On the Go And Not Waste Any Time

These videos have been converted into high quality AUDIO-MP3 format which you can listen to on an iPod or any other audio device. That way, you can listen to them and NOT waste any time.

For example, you can listen to them when doing other ‘brainless’ tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning, exercising, or driving a car. When listened to while doing other things you already do, it does not take up any extra time (I personally use this method when listening to audio tapes and call it ‘NET Time’ – No Extra Time).

write a book blueprints

All Designed Around A Unique And Set Of Specific “Fill In The Blank” Book Blueprints That Still Leave Room For Personal Creativity

This entire program is specifically designed around a set of very powerful blueprint templates.

These blueprints were created so that when you take your knowledge out of your head, it automatically comes out in an ORGANIZED and structured way that your customer sees as very valuable (while still leaving room for personal creativity).

I’ve personally NEVER seen anything like this and it makes writing your book into a simple step-by-step, easy-to-follow process. Combined with the advanced training videos and step-by-step blueprints, you can think of the Book Blueprint Program as a MACHINE which takes the knowledge from your head and turns it into a book that sells itself fast and makes you money.

All videos, audios and blueprints can be downloaded INSTANTLY inside the Book Blueprint Members’ Area which you’ll be getting immediate access to when you register for the Book Blueprint Program.

This program can be used both for short and long term. That means you can use this program to write your first or next book fast. Plus, you can use it over and over again – whenever you want to write more books and make more and more money.

Now a very important QUESTION which you may be asking:

“How Much Does This Program Cost?”

At first I thought about the thousands of hours I put into this, the years I spent testing what works and what doesn’t – but frankly, you don’t care about any of that!

So let’s look at it from YOUR side.


Now, we’re going to stay SUPER realistic here. It’s hard to quantify, so let’s do a simple math.

Let’s say you want to make $80,000 a year. Let’s say you write your book or eBook and at the low end you offer it for $37 like most eBooks sell for online.

Let’s say 11 people buy your book a week. Not bad.

So 11 x 37 is 407 dollars. That means you are making 407 dollars a week.

Not to mention that it’s on autopilot: once you write the book and set it up, people can buy it whenever they want, 24 hours a day.

So times that by 52 (weeks in a year) and that’s $21,164. That’s about what the U.S. national average household income makes a year.

Now, let’s say you use the formula and you’re going to write another book. And it does about the same. You just DOUBLED your income.

So it would now be $42,328 year.

And then you write two more books and your income goes to $84,656.

And let’s just say you really do use everything you learn in the Book Blueprint Program – you can then change your price to 97 dollars a book (or turn your book into an audio or video, which can be done super easily). 97 dollars and 11 people a week – you’ll be making $1067. Multiply that by 52 weeks in a year and that’s $55,484.

Write three more books and your income can go up to $221,963.

As you can see, the number of books you can write and the prices you can charge have ENDLESS opportunity. And as you learn more, people are buying more and more books and information.

For the sake of this conversation, let’s just say you can make $84,656 a year.

So is the Book Blueprint Program Worth $84,656 Dollars?

I dunno I want you to be the judge of that. When I first launched this program the minimum price ot enroll was 997.00. And we had almost 100 people happily invest that much to get in.

Now, this very moment, for very limited time (meaning I’m not sure how long i’m going to leave this up) you can get access to Book Blueprint program and all the training for only 97.00.

But before you invest into the program, I need to answer one more question…

Can I Guarantee this will work for You?

The simple answer is “NO.”

I can’t guarantee this will work for you. I can’t make sure you watch each video. I can’t make sure you do each blueprint.

So is the value of this program really worth $86,645?

I don’t know. I want YOU to be the judge of that.

What I do guarantee is that this is NOT like any other program in the world, as it teaches you proven formulas to write your book and walks you step-by-step REAL TIME in finishing a book that people automatically want to buy and pay you for

But still…

That’s Why I Added A “30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”

Look, I’m into helping you have a very successful and profitable book quickly.

So if this doesn’t do that, or you not satisfied with this program for any reason at all you can send us one email (to alexalbrightsuccess@gmail.com) within 30 days and you’ll get 100% of your money back – no question asked.

And even if you return, you not only get all your money back, you also get to KEEP EVERYTHING, all the videos, all the blueprints, all the audio, just of my way of saying “thanks for testing it out” and we can still part as friends.

How To Access The Book Blueprint Training Now:

All you need to do is click the “Enroll Now” button below. Then fill in your information and you will be enrolled for the Book Blueprint Program automatically.

You’ll get instant access to download all the videos, audios, and blueprints giving you the ultimate training you need to finish your book.

That way you make more than enough money to support yourself, family, and beyond, and also giving you the lifestyle and freedom you want and MANY more of the benefits that come with finishing a book (like increased influence, income, respect etc.).

So go ahead click the “Enroll Now” button below, fill in your information, and I’ll see you in the Book Blueprints Private Members Area.


write a book enroll


The 5 Things You’ll Notice After The Book Blueprint Program

Armed with the knowledge, step-by-step system, and easy-to-follow blueprints inside the book blueprint program you’ll notice five things…

Now I don’t know when each of these things will happen, but I can guarantee that after going through the Book Blueprint Program and finishing your book you’ll notice five things:

#1: When Someone Buys The First Copy Of Your Book

I don’t know exactly how you will feel when this happens. Some say they feel a sense of excitement, pride and joy, knowing that they took something from their head and turned it into a real, tangible thing that a lot of people pay for. And then that excitement only grows bigger and bigger with more and more sales.

#2: All The People You And Your Book Helped

As you sell more and more copies of your book, you’ll start to get responses from the people who read your book, saying how much it helped them. You may just imagine what it’s like getting an email from someone saying, “Thank you, you helped me change my life.” You took away their pain and gave them a new life. You’re actually making a difference in many people’s lives across the world.

#3: Being An Inspiration And Attracting The People You Want

First, your friends and family will be grilling you asking, “How did you do this?” and they will want you to teach them your ‘secrets’.

Second, you attract more of the kinds of people you want in your life.

Have you ever seen a person that had a lot of energy and passion and was doing something BIG in the world? And you just wanted to be around him but you didn’t know why. Well now, that person, will be YOU.

#4. How Easy Finishing Your Book Can Be

It’s just like driving a car. It may seemed hard at first, but after a while it becomes natural and easy. Same with finishing your book. Plus, knowing you’re using proven communication methods that your customer understands and finds more valuable than most things in their life.

#5. Getting The Money You Deserve In Return

You’ll get paid with money in return for creating your very valuable book. That way you can live the lifestyle you want.

  • Never working a job again, giving yourself more freedom to do what you want, when you want.
  • More time off to enjoy it with the people you love. Or maybe an adventurous tropical vacation on the beach.
  • Money to afford the dream car you’ve always wanted. Or maybe it’s a new spacious house.

Now I don’t know the exact reason it is for you, but whatever your reason is, you deserve to have it. So why not get the ultimate training to help you get this saving 1,000’s of dollars of money, time, and energy.

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Most People Never Figure Out How To Write A Successful Book And Never Have The Success They Want

The depressing truth is that most people never finish their book that makes the money to support themselves, loved ones, and beyond.

Just look around you.

  • Most people spend their whole life trying to accumulate money and wealth with no results.
  • 60% of people over 65 are either broke or reliant on the government for income.
  • Most people live paycheck to paycheck.

They can’t afford the proper medical treatment and have diseases they can’t afford to cure. Or even the things they want in life. This leads to more depression, rejection, and sadly, considering suicide as the only option – or even actually do it.

Like Wayne Dyer says, “Most people die with their music still inside of them.”

On a deeper level, most people know they have potential inside of them. They know that they have something to share with the world, to help others, and be able to live the lifestyle they want. Except they never get the education and take the action to figure out what’s really possible.

They Say “I’ll Write My Book “Someday”

  • When I’m ready
  • When I have enough knowledge
  • When I have enough talent
  • When I have enough skill
  • When I have enough time

One of the biggest lessons I learned from a book called The Richest Man In Babylon is:

“The Road To Someday… Leads To A Town Called Nowhere”

That “someday” never comes… And they get to the end of their lives saying, “I wish I could have, or would have.”

Can I ask you 2 very important questions?

  • Do you feel like your living 100% of your potential right now?
  • Are you committed to doing something about it?

Look, you’ve probably spent a long time learning what you know. And if you’re truly honest with yourself, you know you have knowledge and experiences that could help others. And since you are still reading this, you know that as we become a more and more knowledge-based world combined with the Internet, this opens a new path to take what we know and teach it to the world – and make a real living. This has never been available to us before.

So why not get the ultimate training to teach what you know and finish your book?

You can get started right now for only 97.00 dollars, then your done forever. You get access to this complete step by step system that no one else is going to teach you about writing a successful book. Plus you get all limited time 8 bonus when you join right now.

And remember NO MATTER WHAT you can email me with ONE email if you are NOT satisfied with your purchase and get 100% of your money back no questions asked.

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