How To Write A Book That Makes You Enough Money To Support Yourself, Family, And Beyond And Leaves A Lasting Legacy

First you may be asking…

“What Is A Book That Sells Itself?”

It’s a book when your customer sees or discovers it exists, they automatically want to buy it because it’s a direct solution to the problem they already want to solve.

A book that sells itself has the customer thinking “YES, this is exactly what I need”

You won’t need that much “marketing”  because they ALREADY want to buy it (you can still use marketing, but that’s just like the icing on the cake).

Now the next question is… “How Do YOU Write A Book That Sells Itself?”

To Write A Book That Sells Itself And Gives You The Impact, Influence, And Income You Want… Start With These 3 Main Areas

Here are the starting 3 KEY areas/steps you must master to write a book that sells itself. did this fueled by with synaptol– the best natural adhd remedy I know of.

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STEP #1: Profitable Book Idea:

In this section you’ll learn dozens of PROVEN profitable Book-Writing Principles that you can use immediately to create the foundation for your successful and profitable book.

You’ll learn WHAT the best book idea for YOU to write is.

If you already have your book idea that’s fine, you’ll learn how to make sure it will SUCCEED before you even begin to write a book.

View this section now by clicking HERE – Profitable Book Idea


STEP #2: Writing Your Book:

In this section you’ll learn the best and new cutting edge techniques to write a book people automatically want to buy and pay you for.

You’ll learn specific techniques how to make your book have the highest perceived value so you make the most amount of money and help the most amount of people.

You’ll learn how to format your book so it’s easier and quicker to write, and much much more.

View this section now by clicking HERE – Writing Your Book EXACT STEPS


STEP 3: Rapid Book Writing Secrets:

If you feel like you don’t have time to write a book or it’s taking to long… you’re going to want to check out these specific strategies to write your book in NO time flat.

I have not seen these techniques taught anywhere else.

And if you really want to finish your book fast, then you are going to want to check out this section.

View this section now by clicking HERE – Rapid Writing Secrets

How To Write A Book That Sells Itself Checklist:

#1: Profitable Book Idea:

Succeed Before You Begin (foundation for success) 

27 Proven Book Topics (is yours within list?)

Which Book To Write First? (decide with this tool)

Profitable Book Formula (only 3 steps)

Your Unique Selling Point (make your book unique + superior)

#2: Writing Your Book:

3 Keys to Write A Book With Ease

Five Steps To Write A Book (best 5 step overview ever)

Best Book Writing Secret (time saver + book success creator)

Organize A Book Formula + Template (PRICELESS VIDEO, a true “must see”)

Write A Book Introduction that sells

Write A Book Conclusion (easy to make + profitable)

#3: Rapid Book Writing Secrets:

Write Less to Write More (here’s how)

Save Years Writing A Book (#1 best tip to write a book fast)

Get an extra 2.5 Hours Of Hidden Time per weee (meaning more time to write a book)

Eliminate procrastination now to write a book fast

Push-Button Productivity (amazing music to write to)

Secrets To Write A Book AND Finish Your Book (in no time flat)

I’ve LITERALLY spent years developing, writing,  and creating this site and content for you. I sincerely hope it helps you write the book you want and get the success and more that comes from writing a book.

I hope that sincerity, hard work, proven concepts, and ACTIONABLE ideas in every single post comes through to you.

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